Narrow is the Way

Narrow is the Way

Day 33

‘Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat:

Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life and few there be that find it.’ (Matthew 7:13-14)

Whilst Jesus was on the earth he taught his disciples many things and thanks to a few good men who kept an account we can now know, at least in part, some of the things that He taught. Too many people see His original ideas as out dated and old fashioned and yet He is talking to us today, just as much as he was speaking to those in the past. One such significant scripture is the one listed above. So what does it mean to us today?

When i was a child, i was expected to attend Sunday school on the Sabbath day. Except for the local paper shop which was open for 2 hours in the mornings and 2 hours in the evenings all the shops were closed. Buses were few and taxis were on double time. Sunday was a day to spend at home with family. My mother would cook a special meal and either she or we would often bake a cake or some other delicacy for tea. The day was quiet and every household was the same. Sunday was seen as a day of rest.

Today, however life is just one crazy stressful rush. No longer is church seen as a place we should go to on a Sunday and family is only included if it involves spending money, going shopping or eating out, the fact is shopping is emerging as a leisure activity. On Sunday was the church’s Annual General Conference, which is broadcast live (some recorded due to time difference from the USA). As i stood waiting for the bus to the chapel i was amazed by the amount of traffic and i was reminded of the above scripture.

I wanted to jump in front of the cars and shout, ‘Stop! Where are you all going?’ I figured as they were going at some speed it wouldn’t be very prudent of me and therefore held my place. Yet i wondered over and over about where they were going in such a rush. I have a feeling that has the road leads into the city centre, where the shops would be open they were probably heading there.

It can be so difficult to not follow the crowd and to make a stand for the ‘narrow path’ to God and eternal life. It is up to us as individuals to state and probably restate our intentions when it comes to this one fact. We are continually bombarded through advertising, through media, through books, magazines and even well meaning friends to walk the broad path, the easier road and yet Jesus warns us that this path can lead only to destruction.

There are many ways that can lead us down the broad path, i have shared a very small part of just one.


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