wife as hatNoddle ~head or brain.

Thankfully most of us are born with both a head and a brain as we need both to be fully functioning in a ‘normal’ sort of way. I say ‘normal’ just like that because who in their right mind can say what ‘normal’ actually is!?!

You will find, if you choose to look, several attempts at describing what is normal or expected behaviour and even behaviour that is seen as just ‘plain right’, but for most of us we would often fall wide of any of these definitions and accounts. However I do count myself within the ‘normal’ population or I did until things changed, but more about that later.

There is just so much we do not understand about the noddle and how it works and why sometimes it doesn’t work at all, at least for some of us. This is an interesting book i would like to share with you, i am still in the middle of reading it, but i can’t wait to get to the end to share something that is so good.

Everyone should get into the habit of reading something that makes the noddle think a bit more than usual. We should read to learn something new and form an opinion of it, if necessary.

So try this one – for now!

‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat by Oliver Sacks


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