Start Here

Start Here

FMS ribbonIn March 2011 I fell down my house stairs. In fact I didn’t fall i kind-of flew and then landed with a big bang. By May of 2011 i was struggling to walk, stand and even move at all. Up to this point was living and average life, but after this point hell broke out not only in my body but also in my mind as well.

Since then many things have happened, but the one thing that hasn’t happened is my ability to return to my old way of life. The old life is now dead to me and i guess this blog is firstly about my journey since then and secondly living day by day and thirdly about something i am calling ‘Noddle’.

Noddle is all about what i have learnt about dis-ease, what i am learning and what i may learn in the future. It is also about the books i have found useful and maybe even other blogs, or television programs or even a website that i have found useful. Noddle is all about the brain, the mind and knowledge.

My favourite sayings are; ‘No one understands’ or ‘no one gets it.’

What did i manage to break in the fall? Believe it or not, not a single bone, but what i did break was my spirit, my soul, my mind and i let lose a roaring breast throughout my body, which goes by the name of Fibromyalgia. Along with the (erm-lovely) Fibro (also know as non-nodular rheumatoid arthritis and Fibrositis) i have suffered for years with chronic depression and chronic fatigue and chronic migraines.

This is a bare-all blog. Although i promise i will never get physically naked, that would be far too much for anyone to have to cope with, but i will get honest and i will get literal – in other words expect me to say it has it is.

All that is left to say is welcome and i hope you find what you are looking for and if there is anything i can help you with please let me know. Beverley

2 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Love your attitude with Humour Beverly, I nearly didnt know who the My Wonky Life was!.. Lol… Big smiles.. as you start here on your new journey.. xox Hugs Sue xxx

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