It All Began on The Attic Stairs

It All Began on The Attic Stairs

gw_1_20_watchyourstep_stairs_wood_zigzagI had been up and down the attic stairs several times that morning. Every time i got to the top with yet another load of something or other belonging to one of my daughters, i would turn, visually take note of the envelope laying on the step, remind myself to pick it up, but then instantly forget.

However this last time and i say it was the last time because after that there was no more, i again took of the said article on my up giving my assurances that i’ll pick it up on the way down, but on the way down instantly forgot i was supposed to be picking it up. It seems funny to me now, but the envelope wasn’t the standard white or brown one, but was one of significant colour, the colour of which now deserts my feeble mind, but i do remember it wasn’t ordinary!

It was on my third trip up and then back down that the tragedy happened. On the way up my mind acknowledged the said envelope and on the way down, well, i don’t really remember very much. One moment i was humming through my usual busy morning and the next i had landed, bang! Or maybe it should be BANG!!

The first thing i realised was that i was sat all wonky (hence my new blog title). My right leg was out straight. My left leg was bent at the knee. My left shoulder was jammed up against the door frame. And i hurt! I fact i hurt so much i couldn’t actually tell where i didn’t hurt! As i began to come back to my senses and my body i realised that the one part of me that didn’t hurt was my head and although dazed and shocked i don’t remember coming round from being unconscious. My second thought was ‘where’s my mobile phone?’ – On my bed charging, where else would it be when i needed it so badly?

Another thing to note is that i was alone and was not expecting anyone to appear or to imagine anything was the matter for several hours. After sitting almost motionless for some 20 minutes or so, i decided that the only thing i could do was move. I realised i may need help and may need it now! Gingerly and i use that word because it fits, i began to move. First my fingers, then my toes, then my hands and then my feet and my head and neck. Although in pain i realised that nothing was broken.

After several more minutes i managed to get myself upright, totter to my bedroom and pick up my phone and did i phone an ambulance? A Doctor? Did i heck! Nope i phone a friend, who was at work and although sympathetic didn’t come because he couldn’t come has he was at work. In the end i gave myself a shake and got on with living.

Biggest mistake i have ever made. Could what i didn’t do at this point have prevented what came next and next after that? Possibly? Possibly not? But what idiot doesn’t get help when they have had a major fall? Well that would be me!!


2 thoughts on “It All Began on The Attic Stairs

    1. this is when the fibromyalgia really got started, although there had been whispers of it before this time – i guess this is the real story.

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