Day 3

Day 3

This is pic is from the web  but mine was something similar
This is pic is from the web but mine was something similar

I remember very distinctly it being day 3 that i finally ended up at my local General Practitioners and the reason i remember so well is that i had the appointment already booked. By day 3 my knee had swollen to half a football and i had massive bruises developing around my left shoulder and clavicle area, my right upper arm and my left hip. In fact these bruises were to become all colours of the rainbow before they finally went away.

Now i had gone to see the Doctor regarding something else, i think it may have been my on going migraines. However i did mention i had had a fall and told the Doctor about my knee. Although she looked at it quickly, she replied in the standard way; ‘we can only treat one thing at once, you will have to make another appointment to be seen for anything else!’ That was mistake number two!

It took another 6-8 weeks of living, walking and working before my body finally gave up and i could no longer stand or even move. Pain is instantly disabling. In fact pain is the body’s warning system that something is wrong and for most of us we heed it, but i had been off work for 8 weeks with a chest infection just a few weeks previous to my fall and i did not want to go off again. So, i applied ice, heat, anti-inflammatory gels and creams, double wrapped it with support bandages almost cutting off my circulation, in the hope that i could continue working. That was mistake number three!

In the end my knee gave way whilst i was out in town with my children and i ended up at the local Accident and Emergency Department, where the Doctors couldn’t believe that i had been walking in so much pain for so long and had done little or nothing about getting any help. In the end they did an x-ray, which showed there was nothing broken and strapped it up and told me to come back and see the specialists. Their instructions were; if the strapping helped wear it, if it didn’t then not to bother as the damage had already been done. Let just say the strapping was more of an hindrance than a help and didn’t help with the pain either.

So i went home to wait to see the specialist. It wasn’t a long wait, but in the end it wasn’t my knee that would disable me.


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