Eat Food

Eat Food

clementine_16x9Eating food should be the easiest thing to do. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to do? I have my own theories, such as; too much choice, an innate need to stock pile calories as a protection from later famine, and the fear of missing out, to name just a few.

Too Much Choice

When i was a small child my parents lived by one of the first supermarkets ever to open in Bradford and they would shop there on a regular basis. Personally i don’t remember. However that supermarket would now fit into our (mega) supermarkets today at least 4 times. I think i can be safe by saying that the main reason for this is that there is more choice. No longer is their one tin (can) of something or one packet of something else, there are a whole variety of the same thing, when really and truthfully we only need one. Find the one that suits your needs and stick to it.

Innate Need

We are innately programmed to eat more than our bodies need in times of plenty to stock up (so to speak) for times of famine. This innate need was set up way before any of our great grandparents were actually born, if fact right back to our hunter gatherer grandparents. When food was plentiful we would eat more than we needed for protection against when there would be less food. We still have this inner need. However we are reprogramming our bodies to not just consume the calories it needs but we have set ourselves up to crave. Now i know for a fact that i crave sugar and i cannot go a full round of a supermarket without going home with something that is anything but food and often several things in one basket. If you have a need to stock pile food and i would say you should have enough food in your house to keep you going for a couple of weeks at least, try this; buy an extra tin (can) or packet and put in a box or a cupboard that is not your primary food cupboard and keep going until you have enough food for the two weeks. Include bottled water too; i don’t normally agree with drinking bottled water but none of us know if or when our water supply may be interrupted.

The Fear of Missing Out

We are no longer trying to outdo the ‘Jones’ or the ‘Smiths’ or even our neighbours we are now quite literally trying to outdo ourselves. And supermarkets make is easy for us by placing all the offers right where we can see them. A buy-one-get-one-free is only a good offer if we will actually use the free one! They also spread the essentials around the store, so we have to walk past every aisle and every temptation. Then there is in the ‘one stop shopping’, we no longer go to the supermarket for just food we can actually walk out with a whole new wardrobe of clothes or even a colour television or a computer or just about anything else you can imagine. Keep your food shopping separate from your other shopping whenever possible.

Think about the last time you went shopping for food what else did you pick up and bring home? Most of us don’t need those cutesy little things that we actually picked up the last time we shopped.

Is there a way to avoid being tempted? I have found the following helpful, but none of them are earth shattering, but they might help; don’t go shopping when you are hungry, shop with a list, shop when the store is quieter and shop in a smaller store or online.


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