I want to talk to you about pee!

I want to talk to you about pee!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/adamandjoe/2009/12/riding-the-toilet.shtml  TRUE OR NOT THIS MADE ME SMILE :)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/adamandjoe/2009/12/riding-the-toilet.shtml TRUE OR NOT THIS MADE ME SMILE 🙂

No not Pete! Pee!! Wee! pee-pee, wee-wee, urine, body waste!

I am sure you now understand me fully and what my intentions are regarding pee. I have been keeping a Fibro diary for want of a better way to put it and for that is what it is, anyway i try and write down how my body is functioning, not functioning and how i feel in my body and what treatments i have tried and if they have helped at all. I have noticed that when my mind does not get sufficient rest/sleep my body begins to fail.

Our bodies are built in such a way that we need sleep. Different people need different amounts of sleep and what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another. However if we do not sleep the body does not shut down and rejuvenate or refresh itself. When the mind sleeps, the body sleeps. It does this by slowing down all the processes that happen within it. Most of us will know that when we sleep our heart rates and breathing changes and becomes slower, what you may not realise is that liver, kidney and digestive functions also slow down. This is so that, for the ‘normal person’ they can sleep several hours without having to visit the loo.

As my mind doesn’t always sleep and i know this because i experience more nightmares and night terrors and are woken several times a night with either or both. However after a few nights of broken sleep my body forgets to slow down my kidney or digestive function and not only am i woken by bad dreams i am also woken by repeatedly needing and using the loo.

I woke this morning at 7.30 after having been awakened nearly every hour of the night by one thing or another, i needed yet another pee. My bones felt like i had been sleeping on a stone floor all night, which i had not and even though i tried to go back to sleep the pain kept me awake. In the end i got up and have been doing some small jobs around the house.

It was while writing in my Fibro diary that i realised i hadn’t had a unbroken nights sleep since last Thursday. Each night had been disturbed by bad dreams, i came to the conclusion that my body was now failing to function due to my mind not getting enough restorative sleep. Many will say that they dream all the time and we do, but most of us will not remember our dreams as our minds will lead us from dream sleep to deep sleep, however continual dream sleep is as if the mind and so the body has been awake all night.

I do not know if i am right, but to me it makes sense to me. I will continue to write my Fibro diary and when i have enough information show it to a Doctor and see what they think about my thoughts.


3 thoughts on “I want to talk to you about pee!

  1. As a one time sufferer of Chronic cystitis.. i know all about Pee LOL… I am sorry to hear you have night terrors and bad dreams.. the loo visits sound familiar … 😦 xxx

      1. For me an operation was needed to put things right since then I have not had full blown cystitis 🙂 Thank Goodness.. I wouldn’t wish that on any one.. x

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