Too much knowledge…

Too much knowledge…

…not enough wisdom!

aah-200Do you think we now have too much knowledge and not enough wisdom when it comes to the food and drink that we consume? Personally i think we do!

My youngest daughter Bethany has been steadily loosing weight, the sensible way, over the last year and i although i am not sure how much she has lost. she looks great. I also know from talking to her that she feels better for having lost the weight – something over 42 lbs.

In her desire to lose weight and feel better for her University Graduation in July she has learnt a lot about food. I know for a fact she has an app on her mobile that she uses to keep track of what she is eating and when, it will also calculate how many steps/miles/kilometers she has walked. She has gained knowledge but has she gained wisdom? Yes i would say so!

Now a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Along with her app to keep track of what she eats and when, she also has one that is bar code scanner. It looked like fun and yet gave her back the relevant information concerning which ever food item she had scanned. So i thought i would download a bar code scanner, but i am certain it is not the same one. In fact when i scanned the bar code on the packet of mints i was eating it came up with the following formula –


Now i am no scientist but i do know that means each molecule is made up of – 18 Carbons, 18 Hydrogen, Fluorine, Nitrogen, 3 Oxygen, not quite what i was expecting. I am not sure if the bar scanned was supposed to give me that particular information, but i have a funny feeling it was a gadget mistake.

However, (and there is always one of those) i have been (also) reading a book titled ‘Year of no Sugar’ by Eve O Schaub. Apart from the fact that i think that Eve has lost mind and is completely potter the book also presents some interesting facts. The one thing i have learnt is that the Americans seem to eat far more sugar, much of it hidden and/or sweeteners than us Brits do, however there is sugar in all sorts of things.

Now if i went to buy and eat a bar of chocolate i would expect it to have sugar in right? Now Dr’s and scientists are saying that it is the sugar in our diets and not the amount of fat that we are consuming that is making us obese, or maybe not always obese because thin does not always equate to healthy. The same with my mints. When i ingest one or more of them, i am doing so in full knowledge of the fact that they contain sugar. So i decided to have a look in my local supermarket at yogurt. Now most of us would see yogurt has an healthy alternative to pudding (well i do), but here are a few so you can judge for yourself –

Ski strawberry smooth 120g pot 15.8g of sugar

Activia strawberry 125g pot 16.8g

Shop’s own rich and creamy strawberry 120g pot 12.8g

Benecol summer fruits 120g pot 16.0g

It is not for me to tell anyone what they should or should not eat, but just because something looks and is portrayed as good for us, let us begin to gain knowledge so we can make wise choices.


7 thoughts on “Too much knowledge…

  1. Oh How I love synchronisity Beverley Lol, you would not believe but I was just trawling my email back list to find one of the post you had done so I could Link into your blog.. And hey presto Up your new posting pops. 🙂 …

    I agree with you, It makes me also smile at how those same scientists tell us one minute something is bad for you and in the next breath tell us its good for us… Never fails to make me smile… I wish I had been a scientist Beverley, We can then say anything we wish and every one believes us.. 🙂

    That App sounds amazing,, and well done to your daughter too … 🙂

    1. Tomorrow i am spending some time with my email account to clear some space. I started following some new blogs, for me, but i need to read them or they are not much good lol xxx

  2. Think of all the snickering that occurred when encountering the King James Bible translation of “know” as “sexual intercourse.” And then think how different “hands-on learning” or experience is from theory or something you simply read and maybe memorized.
    So you point to wisdom as a consequence of action, and I applaud you for being on the right track.

    1. Actually i think the Lord would have written about ‘sex’ quite bluntly in the Bible when men don’t come along and turned it into something dirty. However we can only understand knowledge by putting it into practice. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I think we honestly know what is good for us and not, the problem is that w just really like the sugary stuff, I know I do. Well done to Bethany too.

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