It’s not about you!

It’s not about you!

After yesterday’s post i have had a sister or two who live in lala land think that what i wrote isn’t true. Not only did they disagree with what i wrote they also phoned our 83 year old mother, who does not have access to the internet and told her what i had wrote too, thereby upsetting her. Well cheers for that, i hope you are very happy with what you have managed to achieve!

However let me say this, just in case they can be bothered to read this post to, because neither of them read them normally, my mother is not the object of my hatred. I do not despise her, I love her, actually as she is. My mother is not an alcoholic, neither is she a drug addict. I was not left dirty or without food. But yet when i finally plucked up enough courage to tell her I loved her, her reply was, ‘what’s up? Is there something wrong?’ I was 30+ at the time.

You may have lived along side my life but you did not live in my life. You did not see me sat day after day on my own at school. Nor did you see me run from the bullies, who would hit and kick me and pull my hair and rip those pretty ribbons from my head. You did not walk home with me the extra hour each night, the long way round so that I could of avoid the bullies. You weren’t there the day the girl punched me on the school bus and bust my nose.

I went from being bullied and abused to being bullied and abused.

What my mother said or didn’t say was the least of my worries. I love my mother and i am not sorting out the mess that others have created that is for them to do.

Tell your mother and father that you love them. Tell your children you love them too, they need to hear the words. Life is too short and no matter how old someone is when they die, they will always be gone too soon.


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