Living Small

Living Small

cypress tiny houseIn the last few days i have read an article about Tiny Houses and i really would love a tiny house only i am not sure if i could make it up the ladder style of stairs to sleep in the loft style bed. However the thought of not owning anything more than i really need is really appealing right now.

I also read an article about the smallest house being sold in London for some ridiculous price of £450, 000 or even a bit more. Why is it ridiculous? Well the house is not much bigger than a garage, in fact a garage was knocked down so that the house could be built. It also looks like an out building for the original house. Why would anyone pay that much money for such a tiny space?

Give me a Tiny house anytime!

I have spent over two years down sizing my belonging and yet i would still have far too much to fit into a tiny house. I do not think i am alone with this urge -need – want to down size our belongings and to make more space for the more important things in our lives. From jobs, to homes, to cars and clothes, people are beginning to want less and there is this great forward movement and it is almost the ‘in thing’ to be doing.

However it amazed me that even in the smallest of houses and lounges – sitting rooms – family rooms (call it as you find it) there is always room for a 50 inch television with surround sound. Why is that?

So where to start?

I actually started with my measly 28 inch television or it may have been even smaller. I gave it away. My daughter wanted it and took it and then it was gone. I do watch television programs occasionally on iplayer, however i no longer sit and watch hours of nothing. The next time you are cleaning the dust off your television set ask yourself

‘How often do you watch it?’

‘How often do you watch it blindly?’

I now live most of my life in one room, with occasional trips to the bathroom and kitchen, so i could easily live in a Tiny House if only i didn’t have so much stuff!


3 thoughts on “Living Small

  1. Down sizing is I think Beverley being embraced by many more today… I know we live in a 3 bedroomed semi.. and now the Children are gone… We too are thinking eventually of downsizing to a small bungalow..
    The TV…. is off more than on… One thing I did enjoy watching was Young Musician of the year on BBC 4 .. amazing talent….

    I think we all have too much stuff…. and if needed all could manage with far less…

    Hope you having a good Bank Holiday evening 🙂 Love and Hugs xx

  2. haven’t owned a tv for three years at least, maybe more and I honestly don’t miss it. Even when I have a chance to watch it, i don’t think to even turn it on.

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