dancing-skeleton-clipartThe first time i noticed my body was in trouble was about 10 years ago. There was a shift in my body, it is the only way i can explain it. There were two predominant feelings within my body; one was the overwhelming feeling of being poisoned and the other felt like a giant had picked me up and shaken me. My shoulder and my hips no longer felt aligned with the rest of me and seem to jut out at odd angles to my body. My joints felt lose and were often tender.

At this time i began to suffer from chronic migraines. I had suffered from migraines ever since a teenager but for the most part they would occur a couple of times a year and i could live with that. However when i turned 40 they changed too. They became almost continuous. No sooner had my body recovered from one migraine then i would feel the onset of the next one. My migraines would occur in this way;

day 1 – slight headache over my left eye, take some pills and it would go,

day 2 – pain within my left eye and headache and i wouldn’t be able to eat, take pills and sleep and it would go

day 3 – i would be wakened in the night with my head pounding and i was terribly hot but cold and then the vomiting would start, at this point pills were not good

day 4 – i would be drained of energy, the headache would leave at some point during the day and i would be starving hungry and craving sugar

I would then experience 1-4 days with no symptoms before everything would start again.

Oliver Sacks in his book, Migraine, states that during a migraine the brain is going through the same changes as if you were having an epileptic fit, but thousands of times slower, the headache is actually a part of the brain’s recovery.

First i gave up sugar, chocolate, then went the meat, both red and then white, then i cut down on bread and wheat products, and then i reduced the dairy, especially cheese, then i changed the food i was eating to organic as far as it was possible to do so, nothing made a difference, although i did lose 4 stones in weight (56lbs). I do not drink alcohol, tea or coffee normally and so these were not the problem. Oliver Sacks clearly shows in his book that migraines are not brought on by an allergic reaction to food, anyone who suffers a migraine after eating a certain food is just coincidental. He does say though that they only thing that has been linked to migraines is alcohol consumption, which did not apply to me.

My eating was at it’s very best, but still i continued to have these pounding headaches, my body continued to feel like it had been poisoned and shaken. The Dr’s threw all sorts of pills at it from analgesia to beta blockers, but to no avail. In fact the side effects of the pills made me so ill i had to stop taking them and suffer week after week.

I still have the migraines, but not so often the headaches or the sickness. Sacks points out that migraines are so often missed or wrongly diagnosed all because a proper patient history is not taken by the Dr and many people who have migraine do not have headaches or sickness and some have sickness but no headache. He does say they can (possibly) be genetic – my Dad use to have them, but that they are more to do with changes in the brain than anything else.

Doctor’s are too eager to throw pills at patient’s so that they can get them out of their office quicker, but that’s a rant for another day and we the subservient to the god named Dr and allow them to keep doing it.

2 thoughts on “Noticable

  1. “Doctor’s are too eager to throw pills at patient’s so that they can get them out of their office quicker,”..

    I threw the pills away.. and sort alternative medicine.. and it worked better than any pills.. .. Like you I gave up certain foods ect as I read many things could help inflammation.. I still eat those things which were said to be bad for you.. with no side effects at all… So is mind over matter creating the drugs we need, or has it helped clear the dis-ease from which we held onto pain? What do you suppose happens with placebo effect!.. and why it works??

    1. The placebo affect is definitely mind over matter. Just finishing reading a book called Doctoring the Mind very interesting. It is about the history of the treatments surrounding mental illness. He does say that in simple depression a kind listening is ear is all that is needed. I do wonder if my life would have taken a different road if i had had a kind listening ear right at the very beginning, instead of being dismissed with a packet of pills?

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