Is it the same?

Is it the same?

pillsOne of the topic on the Fibromyalgia forum today was the question of (to paraphrase it) – if so many of us have so many different symptoms, to the point that some of us can go to work and live a ‘normal’ life and others struggle through their days – do we all have the same thing?

The answer to that of course, – is Yes!

My personal beliefs are these –

  • Those that live on their own do better, because if you need something you have to go get it or do without.
  • Staying in bed or laying on the sofa all day only makes things worse.
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome is called that for a reason, because there are so many variables it cannot be known as a disease.
  • If you go to to your Dr with pain he (or someone else) will diagnose you with FMS
  • If you go to your Dr with fatigue you are more likely to be diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or what use to be ME
  • FMS is a brain malfunction and what the brain says goes, so it’s real
  • If we do not force (big word) our bodies to function they will just stop functioning altogether.
  • Those suffering from FMS have co-morbidity rates that are 25% higher for cardiovascular disease, immune suppressed viruses and even some cancers, are bodies are not made to be kept still all the time.
  • Continual use of higher and higher doses of medication will not cure FM, but may destroy your liver and your kidneys.
  • Some, but not all FMS patient’s also suffer from depression or even psychosis.
  • The mind does not sleep.
  • If you are eating a reasonable diet then added vitamin and mineral pills are a waste of money and so are all the others.

I once asked on the Forum – “If there was a one off, cure all medication for FMS would you take it?” I got no response.

There are some people and in some ways i am one of them that life is just too much to cope with and you would like somewhere quiet to spend the rest of your years on earth or maybe that is just me?!. Telling people to ‘snap out of it’ or ‘get over it’ or ‘take a pill’ does not necessarily work. I have no idea why some people are able to work with this FMS or how or why some people are able to subdue it, to such a level that they can return to their ‘normal’ life or in fact why some people just give up trying to fight it??

The words in my daily diary i have been keeping for the last few months have proved to me that no matter what i have tried up to now, it has made absolutely no difference to the pain level, the fatigue level or my mood. Every night i am grateful to just go to sleep, but of course i will be woken from sleep several times a night for one thing or another. The night terror this week is all about fire and not being able to escape – googly says fire in dreams represent a feeling of frustration and confusion! I think googly knows me well. Life as normal here – rant over!!

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