June Reading

June Reading

bookAt the beginning of the year i had a plan to read and then to read that and so on and so forth. However the best laid plans always fail when it comes to books, as there are always some that sneak in when you are not looking. So my huge list of still to read books remains fairly much the same but the newbies keep sneaking in.




Finished in May (on goodreads i gave the books the following stars) –

Migraine – Oliver Sacks


The Mystery of Edwin Drood – Charles Dickens


The Painter of Silence – Georgina Harding


The Woman who Changed her Brain – Barbara Arrowsmith- Young


All One Breath (poetry) – John Burnside


Year of no Sugar – Eve O Schaub


Teach Yourself Freud in a week – Ruth Snowden


Doctoring the Mind: Why Psychiatric Treatments Fail – Richard P Bentall


The Space Between Us – Thrity Umbrigar


Healing From Neglect – Janene Baadsgaard


After looking at that lot, it is no wonder that i feel i bit read-out!

So on to June – 

To Finish 

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat – Oliver Sacks

Just Beginning

Redirect: Changing the Stories we Live by – Timothy D Wilson

On the List

The Blue Castle – L M Montgomery

The Examined Life – Stephen Grosz

The Fitting Room: Putting on the Characters of Christ – Kelly Minter (re-read)

The Moon Sisters – Therese Walsh (book club read)

I am sure there will be a few more creeping in from the sides. What are you reading now? What is sitting on your shelf waiting to be read, but never sees the light of day as it keeps being replaced by the ever growing piles of books yet to be read?


2 thoughts on “June Reading

  1. I have just started Call the Midwife which is the book the series came from. I have a few more Inspector banks books by peter Robinson waiting to be read. My little waiting pile in my room depends on what I have bought at the charity shop. I will be interested to know what the L.M.Montgomery book is like. Anne of Green Gables is still my all time favourite in the world, I have the full set and also the set of Emily books which I don’t like nearly as much.

    1. I think most of the books i put on my list in January are still there, but i seem to have read lots and learnt lots too. Our library was closed for repairs, but they couldn’t repair the old building so have relocated to a new one, which is better for my as it is right in the middle of the city. It has also replaced many of it’s old books and keeps adding new books. In truth i could quite happily pick my reading material from it’s shelves and never get bored. Just started The Blue Castle, the word ‘sweet’ comes to mind. I think it is going to be ‘sweet’ with no unexpected bits i have to rush past. Thanks for your comment. If you follow me you would get a copy of the message in your email, no spam honest xx

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