Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose

Here is Dave Bruno talking about his 100 Things Challenge and how it allowed him to realise how to Live on Purpose.


2 thoughts on “Living on Purpose

  1. I love those who stand up in TEDx Talks..

    Yes Simplicity…. We make life far to complex… as we think ‘Things’ make us happy… So we ‘Want’ things… half of them we do not need… Then what we can not afford.. many go in debt jut to buy the ‘Things’..
    People working so many hours working 2 jobs just to buy…. People thinking they have to keep up with the Jones….

    Life is I feel going to have to become more simple…

    Great find………. and thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comments, i am glad that you liked the TED talk.

      We need to find a life of purpose that is right for us and i believe Dave Bruno managed to do that. Yet there are many out there on the web that started something ‘big’ but really it was someone else’s dream and so they appear to have failed or stopped pursuing their endeavour.

      Have a good weekend Sue xxx

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