migraineI once wrote on the Fibromyagia Forum page connected to Facebook that Fibromyalgia Syndrome was Psychosomatic. I was ‘booed’ off the page and ended up having others defend me and my words. However once the words are out there it is difficult to bring them back. I still stand by what i said at that time that FMS is psychosomatic, however psychosomatic illnesses are as real as any other because the mind believes that they are and what the mind wants it often gets.


Psychosomatic –

Of or relating to a disorder having physical symptoms but originating from mental or emotional causes.

– Effecting both mind and body.

– Relating to or concerned with the influence of the mind on the body, and the body on the mind, especially with respect to disease:


Often we run through life taking little or no notice of our minds or our bodies. They may be some who are on one health kick or another or in training for some event, but for most of us we do not listen to our bodies. However i think i come somewhere between the two. I did listen to my body, mainly because it would let me down quite often with what appeared to be, but weren’t really sudden devastating migraines that would disable me and send me to my bed.

I did the following to try and listen to my body even more and try and help it along –

  • I would meditate twice a day, even when i had to get up at 5am
  • I would not linger in bed, even on my days off, longer than my body actually needed
  • I would make sure i was hydrated sufficiently by drinking plain water
  • I cut down on refined sugar and chocolate
  • I concentrated on eating natural foods
  • I stopped eating meat
  • I switched to organic foods wherever possible
  • I increased my fruit and vegetable intake, as that was all i was eating
  • I cut down on wheat products and i no longer bought manufactured bread
  • I cut down on dairy and still only take a little each day

Did all these things help? 

No not really! 

I forgot about the inner me, i call it my Spirit, but others may call it the soul. Is my Spirit in my mind or in my heart? I do not know! Is it in every fibre of my body? I do not know! I do not need to know all i do know is that it reached overload and then exploded in a way i could no longer ignore.

Tim Parks in his book ‘Teach us to Sit Still’ says the following; ‘The carnal mind…always lusts for delicacies and luxuries…instead of controlling the senses, it becomes their slave (Ghandi – Story of my Experiment with Truth) ‘Carnal mind was an odd construction, I thought, going back through the book to reread the sentences I’d underlined. Like “psychosomatic” it blamed the mind for something going on in the body, in this case ordinary appetite rather than chronic pain; the mind rebels against its own yearnings and punishes, or purifies, itself through the body, to which it is ever superior.’

The mind is ever superior to the body, our ever increasing desire to control the body through appetite is of no consequence to the mind, we need to work on the mind, which in turn will take care of the body and alleviate the pains therein. FMS is a psychosomatic illness, but in our desire to make the body better and not the mind we can end up making things even worse.

We can all receive moments of clarity in this busy crazy world, but are we strong enough to standby our convictions?


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