Need: A condition or situation where something is required or wanted.

Overdrive: a state of heightened activity or concentration.

We all have needs. We all have basic needs without, which we would cease to be able to exist as a human being. These needs can be said to be innate and our bodies are very good at informing us when one of our ‘needs’ wants attention. These needs are few; oxygen, water, food, clothing, shelter (protection), and attachment (love and procreation).

Oxygen. Anyone who has suffered from an asthma attack or even a chest infection will know what it feels like to need oxygen. Now oxygen is available all around us, along with other gases. Our bodies are cleverly designed to take in the air mixture around us and use the oxygen and then exhale the unused gases back into the air, along with carbon dioxide as a by-product.

Water. Our bodies are so designed that it can survive around 3 days without water.

Food. The body sees food as energy. The brain uses 20-25% of the energy when we are asleep. Many obese people are known to be malnourished because the foods they are eating do not contain sufficient nutrients.

Clothing. Clothing should be purposeful; does it cover us sufficiently, does it keep us cool/warm, can we do with less and layer things up or down.

Shelter. A home should be a place of safety and an reflection of who we are and what we stand for.

Attachment. I use the word attachment because it portrays our need to not only procreate but to build family structure and social interaction with other people.

All these things have one thing in common and that is our innate need to survive. However our ‘need’ button seems to have got stuck and gone awry or away from it’s original intention, of survival. It is almost as if the more we have the more we want; the more our ‘need’ is met the more something within us, that seems to continually grumble, that if we have one more we will be happy.

There are many who are turning to the simpler life, but is that what we really need? If we have less we will be happy is what they appear to be saying? Or will we? I could (possible/easily) go round my home today and remove 20 items and not miss them, but would i be happier?

What instead of ‘simple life’ we adopted a ‘slow life instead?


6 thoughts on “Need:Overdrive

  1. yes, I like that idea a lot. the slow life. When our van broke down and we were stranded in a little town in the south of France we had a lovely taste of that. And it made us very aware that it is the life we want. Slow, gentle, kind. somehow those three go together in my mind. Now we “need” to find that place that will suit us.

  2. I like this Beverley, I have slowed down my own pace this week, painting instead of travelling around WP… Like you say we could remove many things to make life more simple, but would that make us any happier? Its doubtful… Happiness is a state of Being and for some they will never attain it as they think external items bring the keys to happiness – ie Wealth… We only have to look around at those with wealth to see this is not the case….
    Slowing down to savour life though, now that appeals to me… Taking in the love of family, the scent of the air, the colours of the flowers…. We so forget to appreciate the very things we take for granted as you stated above…. The air we breathe…..

    Have a beautiful Day Beverley Love and Hugs Sue x

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