Missing Tantrum

Missing Tantrum

Tantrum: a childish fit of rage, outburst of bad temper.

My mother said i was a quiet child, which was just as well has my brother, who is 13 months younger than me learned how to demonstrate a perfect tantrum before he was born. Now i cannot say for certain that i never had a tantrum, but i certainly wasn’t noted for my fits of childish rage.

There are moments in my life right now that i wish i could demonstrate a perfect tantrum, but yet life has shown me that the quieter i speak the more i will be listened too. However, just think how stress relieving it would be to throw yourself on the fall and kick and scream? I am sure it must have some benefits.

Here is a couple of tips to get you started –

PS This is to let you know i am holiday next week and so they will be no blog posts and no reading of other people’s blog posts. I am having a tantrum and taking the week off and going here –


– it’s Liverpool.

Have a great week everyone.


3 thoughts on “Missing Tantrum

  1. I always loved that add in the supermarket where the Mum had a tantrum on the floor mocking her young son’s tantrums Beverly… .. I have been known to shout and squeal in my car.. at no one and nothing in particular.. It great to be in your own sound proof box and get rid of stress ..
    Enjoy your holidays.. come back stress free and relaxed..
    Love Sue xox

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