New month, New books

New month, New books

and then they gave me a new library...!!
and then they gave me a new library…!!

Last Friday was my birthday and no one bought me any books! My son and my friend, Heron normally provide such presents but my friend forgot and my son, although he phoned me as yet to appear with anything, but we have plans. I am not a big on loud parties but i do like a nice birthday and i felt very forgotten by my friend, who normally doesn’t miss and doesn’t seem to see what all the fuss is about.

However a new month always brings about new books.

Looking at my list from last month i do not appear to have read very much and yet i am constantly reading something. In fact i am a self confessed book-aholic and i cannot be persuaded otherwise.


I read –

Healing from Neglect: when those we love don’t love us – Janene Baardsgaards  

Not my type of book. I really should stop falling for the blurb on the back. I didn’t finish it, although i tried hard pushing other books to the side as i did so, but in the end it was all twaddle. It got ** for effort.

The Blue Castle – L M Montgomery

L M Montgomery is the author of Anne of Greengables, if you liked that then you will like this! Personally i loved it’s gentle unobtrusiveness. *****

Redirect:Changing the stories we live by – Timothy Wilson

Wilson shares with us the need to change the way we treat those with mental health problems as the old ways were not properly tested before they were let free into the world and often do not work. I enjoyed it, not sure if it would be for everyone though. ***

The Moon Sister – Therese Walsh

This was the book group read on Goodreads this month and although it was okay it was no show stopper. It is about two sisters, Jazz and Olivia and their desire to fulfill their deceased mother’s wish. Although some of the characters were interesting, Hobbs for instance, i had problems separating the voices of the sisters and found myself having to go back repetitively to the beginning of chapters to work out who was speaking. I bought it for my kindle and it took 68% of the book for the story to really get going. It also didn’t end the way it i thought it would, like something wasn’t finished. ****

The Tumble Inn – William Loizeaux

This book is not due for publication until September this year. I picked up my ‘Read Now’ copy on Netgalley. Mark and Fran are busy in their lives in New Jersey when Fran spots an advert for a job as innkeepers of the Tumble Inn. This book is finding your passion and living the dream. It is also about not giving up on that dream even when others think you should. ****

Still Reading

Teach Us to Sit Still – Tim Parks


We Are Not Ourselves – Matthew Thomas

This book has yet to be published and is on Netgalley. Until now i actually thought it was written by a woman, great insight by Matthew Thomas is all i will say at the moment.

July Reading

Too many to mention – but watch this space!!!


7 thoughts on “New month, New books

  1. First a belated Happy Birthday Beverley… and what .. NO BOOKS for your birthday! awww… I usually ask for a book I am wanting to read.. and my daughter usually generously supplies too 🙂 so I am lucky that way.. Sounds like June was a great month for reading.. I like nothing better than getting on my swing seat in the garden and curling up with a book in the shade.. Weather permitting of course.. LOL…
    Have a wonderful weekend.. Happy reading..
    Hugs Sue

    1. Mike normally hands over book vouchers and then apologises crazy boy! Oh the joy those vouchers bring but this year he wants to take me out for food.

    1. The way to read more is to pick up a book and open the cover and there you go, when you get to the bottom of the first page you then start again at the top of the next one 🙂

  2. I actually also like a nice birthday. i think that birthday presents are more important than Christmas ones because everyone should have a special day. xx

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