I also like this idea - planner in a folder but i am worried i wouldn't take the time to fill it in!
I also like this idea – planner in a folder but i am worried i wouldn’t take the time to fill it in!

I am the worse planner in the world! In fact that is probably not true, that accolade probably goes to one of my daughters! besides i can normally plan just about anything to perfection but then fall short, sometimes very short with the follow through.

I have had a bad day and the reason for the bad day is that i have had a busy weekend. A very pleasant weekend, but yet i did far too much on both days. This meant that when i tried to go to sleep last night my body invited ‘Barbie’ over as well. It was not good idea at all and meant that i slept badly, which meant that i woke earlier than i really needed to, which meant ‘Barbie’ has been my companion for the day, draining me of energy and making me want to lie down and sleep.

Sleep is a good restorative, but sleeping during the day, something i did on Sunday, often means that i do not then sleep well during the night, but some times the body just goes to sleep and nothing can stop it.

However i have been looking at planners. The kind you can write on every day so that i can begin to expand my life outwards and even if i am lucky move it forward too. I have been looking online for a printable planner and there are a number of sites that do them, but not quite found the ‘ONE’ so i may have to come up with one of my own.

So here are a few points i have considered –

  • It needs to be printable – if it is on the computer i am likely to forget about it
  • It needs to have enough space to write on it
  • I would like it to have some colour so that different areas can be easily seen
  • It needs to be blank or changeable before i print it out, at least the headings
  • I need to be able to add on to it
  • It needs to be free

Here a few i have come upon so far –

Miss P  DIY Planner – the reason i like this one is that it comes in a number of formats and yet they all open as a Word.doc so i can edit them before i print them out.  – these open to Google online page and although they are varied you cannot write on them before you print them – i like the colours on this one but, although it is not a lot of pennies it is not free and of course i cannot add or change anything until it is actually printed out.

I haven’t come up with one of my own yet but i am working on it and will let you know.


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