Meet Geraldine

Meet Geraldine

20140720_175953Meet my friend Geraldine or more affectionately known as ‘Jellybean’. You try saying Geraldine when you are only 4!

I have known Jellybean for about 20 years and ever since i have known her i have known she has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. However until recently she has managed to work part time and look after her family, home and serve in church, mainly looking after yet more children, without any complaints.

However, recently she underwent surgery for a knee replacement. The operation went alright and recovery moved along fine. BUT the Fibromyalgia has decided to flare to the point that she is unable to settle in the evenings and is having trouble sleeping due to the pain. I have suggested that she learn how to meditate and her reply was ‘okay, if you teach me!’

I explained about Barbie and i asked her that, if i were to teach her step by step how to meditate would she be my guinea pig? She said ‘yes’. So it is with her permission that i introduce her to you today.

Step one

Hypothesis: To determine if daily meditation can help those with Fibromyalgia.

Understand that meditation is not about relaxation but about the breath, the relaxation with come on its own.

  • Lay comfortable on your back on your bed, with one pillow under your head.
  • Place you hands flat on your stomach – tummy
  • Feel your breath come in and out of your body
  • If you think about anything other than the breath, say to yourself ‘thinking’ then return your thoughts to the breath
  • Try and do this every evening for 5 minutes
  • If you cannot stay still for that long, try 2 minutes to begin with working up to 5 minutes

I have asked her to practice and report back.

8 thoughts on “Meet Geraldine

  1. I’ve not heard this particular advice before but I like it: “Understand that meditation is not about relaxation but about the breath, the relaxation with come on its own.” I’ll try to remember that. I hope all goes well with Geraldine.

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