25-tablets-a-day-OH MY!!!

25-tablets-a-day-OH MY!!!

photo - www.telegraphandargus.co.uk
photo – http://www.telegraphandargus.co.uk

There are some people that need to take tablets every day to stay alive and i am not disputing that or saying that they shouldn’t or if the do i am not saying they should stop. Stopping tablets immediately can actually be detrimental to health, unless you are having a allergic reactions then the only thing you can do is stop.

I was reading someone else’s blog the other day and they directed me to another blog, which as it was on Fibro i went to have a look-see and at the top of the page – sub-heading i am guessing she has written ‘I take 25 tablets a day’. I was shocked and astounded that anyone would be on that many tablets in one day. Other than the Fibro i have no idea what other medical problems she may have or why she needs so many pills and they maybe a good reason for them, but that’s a crazy amount.

However this is the list of pills i have taken in the past three years, what they were supposed to do and what they actually did that made me stop taking them. I think i may have written about this before, but my brain is yet again beyond amazement at the amount of pills that those with (just) Fibro take every day and the fact that the pills do not actually work. If i was to go to the Fibro forum and state that pills do not work and you should stop taking them as the long term use is actually killing you, i would get digitally lynched.

To quote Oliver Sacks (badly) in his book Migraine he says ‘there are those who experience psychological migraines and no amount of telling them otherwise will stop them and so you might as well leave them be…’ personally i think it is the same with Fibro. Although i do agree that Fibro should be recognised as debilitating it should also be recognised that there is no treatment that actually works and therefore all tablets work as the patient desires them too.

So this is what i have taken –

Amitriptyline – is a anti-depressant, which is known to help patients sleep. However the Fibro brain never really sleeps and so although my physical body was asleep my mind wasn’t and i experienced nightmares, night terrors and paranoia and the higher the dose the worse it all became.

Gabapentin – is an epileptic drug. Side effects weight gain, fluid retention and incontinence and no sleep for having to get up to the loo every hour and it did nothing for the pain or fatigue.

Pregabalin – used for neuropathic pain. It worked quite well for the pain but my feet swelled so much that i could no longer walk. It was just after i came off this drug that i experienced a kidney infection, something i have never had before in my life. Nine days after stopping it i had lost 10 lbs in weight, in fluid. I have ended up with an irritable bladder, which still has it’s moments.

Tramdol – analgesia. Never stayed in my stomach long enough to be of any good.

Diclofenac – analgesia. see tramadol

Naproxen – analgesia. Causes me to retain fluid and makes breathing difficult increasing the fatigue.

Ibuprofen – analgesia. See Naproxen. I occasionally take a dose of this medication but more than 3 consecutive doses and i cannot breath and no i don’t have asthma.

Citalopram – anti-depressant. Burnt a hole in my stomach lining causing my HB (in my blood) to drop to 9.2, it should be about 13.00

Mertazapine -anti-depressant. Hallucinations, nightmares, night terrors, panic attacks, paranoia.

Lansoprazole – protein pump inhibitor – coats your stomach so the pills don’t destroy your stomach lining. Makes my stomach nauseous and i have no appetite and i crave sugar and sweet – anything.

Cocodamol – analgesia. This is the one i take all the time. At the beginning one 8/500mg tablet would send my brain into space and i would often end up off balanced and dizzy but 3+ years later i now take 30/500 mg x 2 up to three or even four times a day. I think they probably help sustain the fatigue.

If you put a pill into your body you expect it to do something, change something, but while it is doing what you want it to do, it is also doing other things, which are not so good for you.

This is why i choose not to take 25 tablets a day!!!


2 thoughts on “25-tablets-a-day-OH MY!!!

    1. and some people are on all that and more besides and still the fibro doesn’t go away or get better and that is why i stopped them – most of them, most of the time.

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