Just breathe

Just breathe

Firstly a random thought – When faced with new followers i always go and see what they are writing about and sometimes i will follow back, at least for a while and see what happens. But sometimes i have absolutely no idea why some people follow me!! Now i know there are those that follow me because we share life or thoughts in common and i get that because that is okay. Then there are those who are just starting and maybe think my blog looks a friendly place to start and that’s okay too. But there will always be some that i will never get, no understand, but they may do what they may – i guess? Sorry i don’t have a need to follow 500 blogs that i do not have time to read- random thought over đŸ™‚


Meditation is all about the breath

Over the years i have meditated in several different ways from following winding paths and sitting over looking the sea, listening to music or even lighting a candle and there is nothing wrong with any of these ways, but in time my practice has become more deeper, more meaningful and more needful for my daily existence.

These days i sit and breath.

Sometimes i sit on my bed.

Sometimes i sit on a chair,

Sometimes i sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion on the floor.

But in every practice i simple breath.

Lesson 2 (lesson 1 here)

  • Lay flat, head supported on one pillow
  • Place the palms of your hands at the top of your abdomen
  • Feel your breath come in and then out
  • Now take control of the breath – breath in for the count of 3 and out for the count of 5
  • Although you should try and breath in and out through your nose you may find it easier to do through your mouth to begin with.
  • Try and stay in practice for about 5 minutes before sleep

That’s it!


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