pajamas should always be fun and stretchy 🙂

I woke at 3.30 am in agony and feeling sick. I had also struggled to get to sleep in the first place – too hot, too cold syndrome – and so wasn’t exactly sure how long i had been asleep. My stomach was on fire and i had really bad heart burn all the way up to my throat. My mind began to meander through the food i had eaten yesterday and really i couldn’t come up with anything that could have resulted in hell! I swallowed some antacid but didn’t help and then some super stomach protection, not much help either and then a mint, which did the trick and some pain meds and eventually i went back to sleep.

Did i tell you i was stung by a bee or a wasp on Thursday? I didn’t actually see the critter but i really did feel it. It got me right on that part of my elbow that i could not see, but awkwardly looking in a mirror i noticed a red blob but no apparent sting. It as been so long ago since i was last stung that my brain actually had no knowledge of how much it actually hurts or for how long it was going to hurt for or the fact that come Sunday morning i had to gingerly – carefully maneuver my arm into my clothes, but at least it had stopped sending pain up and down my arm and was just sore on the area. Nasty beasties!!

And my washer broke down! I have had it 8 years with no problems but my daughter washed a duck in it and it’s stuffing came out! Yes a duck! Yes i said a duck! A bright yellow one complete with hat. It had belong to my other daughter and was bought for her when she was very small by my mother, it has been well loved and last week Amelia found it and wanted to play with it but it really needed a wash. So i blame the broken washer on the duck, however it has been mulling over the idea of breaking down for a few weeks, but duck was the last straw. Thankfully it is insured and the peeps are coming out to mend it tomorrow.

So please forgive me my day is a 1 or a one and i am having a pyjamas/duvet day and hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow! Now can someone please make me some lunch as FMS/ME/CFS may disable you but you still get hungry!!

PS. Being very English i cannot spell pyjamas as pajamas even though both spellings are correct 🙂 sorry! erm no i am not sorry! Not really!!


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