Prior Planning

Prior Planning

20140818_084642After two weeks with the last plan I found i had failed quite significantly to meet my goals. As i sat pondering on why that may have been i began to realise that maybe my plans had been set against what i thought other people expected of me and although this had not been my intention as i looked at the list and the lack of ticks i realised it just might be the case.

I also realised that not only had i not filled in the chart i had also missed a complete week.

However i decided that the idea was a good one and gentle reminders to do certain things was what i needed and so i took Dr Roger Landry’s advise in his ‘Live Long, Die Short’ and took a step back. I had thought i could run, but when running made me fall on my face -metaphorically speaking – i just laid there and didn’t get up, until the time had run out and the chart could be forgotten.

But I am back!

After a week off i began a new plan on a new chart and all other plans and charts were forgotten and I stopped berating myself over how i hadn’t done this or that and got on with the new plan. The plan began on the 9 August, which was a Saturday – remember never begin anything on a Monday it is bound to fail before the end of the week and any other day is as good as another. 

The new plan looks like this – 

Learn something – I learnt how to reset a Proxy setting on my computer. I learnt what a Proxy setting actually was. I learnt that an IP address can be changeable or static and that to change my IP address i would have to unplug my modem and leave it off for a week and when it was switched on again it will automatically give me a new address.

Get out of bed and sit on a chair – I bought a new sofa last year and the cat sits on it more than i do and yet it is very comfortable but not too soft. Except for one day this last week, which was a 1=day i got out of bed and sat on the sofa at least for an hour.

Speak to someone face to face for more than 5 minutes – When you become disabled or ill to the extent that going out is a problem and you also live alone as i do then you can end up talking to the hoover, the cooker, the washer… I’m sure you get the picture. This week i have spoken to a neighbour, visited my parents, visited friends, had lunch with a friend, and been to church.

Eat 1 portion of fruit a day – i only managed this twice this week, but i have a theory as to why this is, more about this another day.

Meditate – this is now a habit, both morning and evening 

Give God time – i use to put God first in the mornings but bit by bit he has been pushed to end of the day to the point that i was settling to sleep and then would realise i had not read my scriptures or said my prayers, So i made this a priority for me and i am working on it.

We are all different and what is right for one is not necessarily right for someone else. This week i am going to visit my Dad’s cousin, May and also take my granddaughter Amelia to visit the Gruffalo and next weekend my other daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are coming for the bank holiday. We all need to plan to make things happen, even if by the time the date/day comes around we have to cancel or postpone our plans. However we can all learn something new even sitting in bed.


2 thoughts on “Prior Planning

  1. Its good to have tick lists.. 🙂 Great you learnt something new.. And I love fruit and ate an apple before coming home from work this morning.. then had breakfast… with a Beetroot smoothie lol so I guess I had 3 of my 5 aday already, as it was made in apple juice too..
    Will love to hear why on this subject for another day 🙂

    In the mean time I know you are doing just great as I feel you are happier within somehow! hope so.. Love and Hugs
    Sue xx

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