What works for you?

What works for you?

photo - www.telegraphandargus.co.uk
photo – http://www.telegraphandargus.co.uk

I went on the Fibromyalgia forum on Monday and asked the above question. I wrote; ‘I am after some honest answers. What medication are you on and do they actually help?

Although i received a number of replies not one person said that the medication they were on and some were on a wide variety of pills, could actually say that they helped. These pills and sometimes potions went from Morphine Sulphate tablets to being herbal remedies and yet nothing actually took away the pain and the fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia. So why are you taking them? I asked.

I then put forward the following idea, which came from a book i am reading at the moment called ‘Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely’, who by using other doctor’s results and then formulated his own experiments to see if a placebo pain killer actually worked better than a normal one. He found that the more hype he created around the super pill the more likely it was to work – some 85% of those using the new medication said it worked better than their normal brand. 

So on the forum i asked the question: If your Dr prescribed for you a new super pill to combat the two main symptoms of Fibromyalgia; pain and fatigue. would you take it? Those that answered said yes!

Then i laid out a scenario for them – if your Dr then said because the pills were working so well he wanted you to stop all the other pills you were taking and some months after all the pills except the super pill was out of your system and you were relatively symptom free your Dr then told you it was a placebo made out of sugar and you could stop it to, Would you thank him for giving you your life back or would you sue him?

One person said ‘they would be very angry with the Dr for not disclosing what he was doing beforehand.’ Unfortunately Ariely states that Dr’s are unable to carry out such tests too often and without the patient knowing beforehand, which unfortunately alters the results. 

So what do you think? 

Ariely also poses another question, that of the 50 cent pill over 1 cent pill, although both pills are made from exactly the same medication, people will often state that the 50 cent pill works better. Well i have news for you, they don’t and if you are admitted to a hospital guess which pill they are going to be giving you? I’ll come back to this one another time as i think it is fascinating, watching people pay a stupid amount of money for something they could pay a few pence for. 


3 thoughts on “What works for you?

  1. I have a best friend who is a Dr. He told me that 60% of the people he treats there is nothing systemically wrong with them. He many times gives them a medicine named obecalp. It is just placebo spelled backwards. What they really needed he said was to talk to somebody. Interesting.

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