A little reading, always leads to book reviews

A little reading, always leads to book reviews

I feel like i have been a little lazy keeping up with my book reviews posts, been thinking of moving them to a blog on their own but then i have to go hunt down new followers and …and…and…give me chance i’ll come up with some more excuses 🙂

However here are the ones from the last month –

groszThe Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

If you have enjoyed reading ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks then you will definitely like this one too.

Stephen Grosz book is written along the same line and shares his personal experiences with some of his patients over his years as a psychoanalyst working in modern day London. All i can say is that there are some pretty weird folks out there and they seem to have ended up on his doorstep, including the patient who wrote to him, pretending to be his girlfriend, saying that he had taken his own life and then a year later phoning him up and telling him it was all a fake.

Not a book for everyone, but interesting nonetheless, I found it fascinating, but then when it comes to the mind i will never understand. Not a long read, short chapters, some funny stories, some bizarre and some just a little odd.




arielyPredictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

This is one of those thinking books that everyone should read, it will make you go ‘oh yeah i do that!’ Dan Ariely proves time and time again that we are very predictable in our choices and not only that totally irrational. He uses the results of other researchers to create experiments of his own to prove the point and does so very well.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to everyone, who like to think at least. Well written, well set out, and very well executed and will even make you laugh, at yourself and your own stupidity.







wilcoxThe 7-Day Christian by Brad Wilcox

I seem to have read a lot recently and not really paused for breath in the doing, but this book made me re-read and think deeply not only about how I think as a Christian but how others see me. Brad Wilcox through personal experiences and scripture goes to prove that we cannot be a Christian just on a Sunday and that if we want the Holy Ghost as our guide we should commit to being a Christian every day.

A very gentle reminder of what we should be doing and what our lives should be focused on, not only actions but also thoughts and words. Yes i really enjoyed this book and although some may think it is not a book them, I strongly disagree because if you are human you believe in humanity and being a Christian just helps us to be a better human.





And there are more, but i shall save then for another day.

And i have just been to the library and brought home 5 out of the 7 books i wanted, i have reserved 1 and the other one they don’t have 😦

So what are you reading and would you recommend it to someone else? And i would recommend all of these ….


2 thoughts on “A little reading, always leads to book reviews

  1. I don’t read a lot of non fiction. Saying that ‘Howard’s End is on the Landing’ is one of my favourite books, although it is about fiction. x

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