Why I am putting God first

Why I am putting God first

jesusteacherThe reason I am putting God first is very simple and that is because he put me first long before i knew He existed. Even in my childhood i was taught by my mother that there was a God and he would answer my prayers. I was encouraged but never forced to attend Sunday school. Yet when i was 14 years old i found God for myself, in my own way. 

You see i always had a problem with the way in which i had been taught that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost were one, the Holy Trinity. The reason for my problem was simple no one could answer my question about who Jesus was praying to in the garden of Gethsemane or on the cross or how his Father spoke from heaven and the Spirit descended like a dove when He was baptised. No could they explain to me why Jesus taught his disciples and us to pray to ‘Our Father, who art in heaven…God could not be one person in three parts.

Then some young men taught me a different way to look at things. They taught me of a young boy who had prayed to know which church to join and had received a visitation from God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. They taught me that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ had bodies of flesh and bone, glorified and perfected and they taught me that the Holy Ghost was a Spirit without body so that he could dwell in us, but they all had one purpose to bring us back to live with them after death for all eternity.

You see, i had already asked my Heavenly Father or God if you prefer for the answers to the questions i was asking and here were two young men giving me the answers. They told me not to believe them but to ask God in prayer if what they were telling me was true and they even taught me how to pray. And i did! And i knew without any doubt that what they were telling me was true.

But more was to happen and this is how it happened.

You see or maybe you don’t? When i was 14 years old i was still a little girl, i was still expected to do ask my parents told me and being a good girl and i tried my best to do as they asked. I started going to this new church regularly, every Sunday, but after six months they moved to a new meeting place in the town centre and i wasn’t allowed to go any more or…well you see God knew my heart and my desire and he made a way for me to attend, it went like this.

After another six months had passed and i had changed to the ‘big’ school i was allowed to go and stay with a friend at the weekend, a girl, boys were never allowed. One Sunday evening i saw some neighbours walking up the road, they attended the same church, it was through their daughter i had started going in the first place. I just needed to really know once and for all and so like Joseph Smith i knelt and prayed – if the church is true take me back to church – and He did.

On the Wednesday evening while waiting for a bus in the station to visit my friend i saw two young men. I knew they were missionaries from the church, you can always tell. After some thinking about if i should or should not, i went over to them and asked them where the church was and what time. They told me and i walked away. Later i made arrangements with my friend to stay at her house over the weekend and together we went to church. No my parents didn’t know to begin with and was none to happy when they found out either but now they see it was a good thing.

So i am putting God first, in fact i am putting first a Heavenly Father that loves me just as i am, his Son, my Saviour, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost who bears witness to me often of the truthfulness of all things.  


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