Change your mind

Change your mind

I would love a tiny house
I would love a tiny house

We can chose to live the life we want to live, even if it appears as if that life as been chosen for us through circumstance. Too many people are still rushing through their lives because it is what they believe they should be doing. Always trying to keep up with the ‘Jones’. Well what if i were to tell you that the ‘Jones’ have changed their mind and stopped everything. That on a weekend they stroll around the park and eat lunch from a tray resting on their knees sat on their shiny sofa. That the table is no longer set so perfectly before every meal, that it looks like an advert from a glossy home magazine. Believe it or not those homes are not always like that, they are staged – posed for the photos so that they are perfect.

Yet there are other things we try and obtain perfection in or in other words we are always ‘wanting’. It is an inbuilt human nature to want, however wanting what someone else has is not necessarily a good thing. But deciding what you ‘want’ whilst being bombarded by advertising and other people’s lives does nothing but leave us confused.

How about the Simple Life? Firstly living the simple life has nothing to do with being a minimalist, you can keep all your stuff and still live a simple life. However when you decide on this way of life you read books and online articles on how to live such a simple life and before you know it your life is more complicated than it was before you began and you are also poorer from buying all the ‘things’ you needed to live a simple life.

What about Minimalism? Get rid of all the excess baggage, buy a smaller house and move and get rid of more things, until you realise that bare white walls and a lone sofa is not what you were after in the first place. We all store things just in case and less of the ‘just-in’ will definitely give you more space, but you really love lots of plump squishy cushions on your sofa and that pile of books by your bed – why because they are you!

Is your life is restricted by your obsessive behaviour, your diet, your exercise routine, work, habits or even religion… and the list goes on and you no longer want it, then change it! There is nothing wrong with any of this, one way of life is not better than another, as long as you are living life your way. But you may find that the most difficult question to answer is ‘what is it that i want?’ It may be that you will need to let some things go in your life to make room for the changes that you want and it is good to read how others have got to where you think you want to go, but they are not you, only you are you, so enjoy being you!! Think about it this way, if you have too much ‘stuff’ in your home – if you were to move to smaller space what would you take with you?

It is okay to change your mind. It is okay to live life differently.


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