I have stopped telling people i have Fibromyalgia and now i just tell them i have chronic pain and chronic fatigue and the reason for doing this is because no one knows what it is anyway and when you tell others they get they kind of glazed look before they change the subject. Even those that know what i have are now fed up with hearing about it and so my reply to ‘how are you?’ is usually nothing new.

Even doctors have problems describing what Fibromyalgia is and that is why it is known as a syndrome and not a disease. It is said that different people experience the syndrome – a collection of symptoms – differently and yet that is not completely true as those with Fibromyalgia all suffer from the same symptoms, but with varying intensity. The symptoms are –

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • depression

– all the other symptoms are caused by these four.


Pain is very debilitating and anyone who has suffered from any form of pain even for a few hours will know just how debilitating it can be. However when you suffer from pain continually and not in just in one part of the body but everywhere, with no cause the mind flips out. For instance, when our bodies are under threat and pain is definitely a threat, the muscles tense and the body gets ready to run away, but what if there is nothing to run away from? The brain will continually send signals to the body to calm down, but the body then returns the – but i am in pain signal back to the brain – and there is this constant toing and froing between the body and the brain and neither one can sort out the problem as they are no longer listening to each other – the mind/brain flips out!


When the body is continually on high alert it is as if we are constantly moving, running even, almost a constant marathon, but yet some days we barely move. So why so much fatigue? That is easy, it is caused by continually over stimulated muscles, ligaments and joints, which result in pain, pain creates fatigue – fatigue creates pain…and on and on. There is normally something, an incident, that causes the body to trip the switch that creates this continual cycle but breaking the cycle is almost impossible, although i have thought about cryogenics.


Have you tried to sleep when you are in pain? This all started for me with my inability to sleep due to pain after a fall, because i believed i was okay and didn’t seek the treatment that i needed straight away and walked for several weeks on a knee i had damaged in the fall, damaged beyond repair. However i know, because my mother has Fibromyalgia too, that some people have the propensity to develop Fibromyalgia, in other words they are genetically programmed to do so, but there needs to be a trigger. Insomnia caused by pain creates fatigue and fatigue creates pain!


Why do i put depression as a symptom of Fibromyalgia you may ask? You may also be saying that being constantly in pain and unable to sleep causes the depression, but i do not think that is the case. Ever since my teenage years i have suffered from bouts of severe depression. Some have gone unnoticed, some have been treated medically or with counselling, but for me this was the first symptom that some thing was wrong with my body-mind connection. Several of the bouts of depression had no reason for their existence and depression is not a case of just feeling sad. Although i suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) too, that is something different.

Doctors and researchers continually try and find a cause and a cure for Fibromyalgia by concentrating all their efforts and money on medications to treat the symptoms, but they would do better to come up with a way for sufferers to be able to reconnect the mind and body and bring them back into harmony. I do not believe there is a cure for Fibromyalgia, but i do believe that there are those that have been able to find respite from the symptoms sufficiently for them to lead a quieter but normal life and it always because they mend (?) yes mend the connection between mind and body. You can take all the pills in the world or you can take one but if your mind wants to remain sick it will. I am not sure how you convince the mind that it is safe to be who it is in this crazy world, but for me the only treatment is to no longer be part of that craziness we call living and live a quieter life.

Yesterday i wrote about changing your mind – changing our mind begins with desire. What kind of life do you want to live? What one thing can you change today to help you live the life you want?


5 thoughts on “Fibro…what?

  1. So much good information – thank you, Beverley! An offline friend of mine has fibromyalgia – though it doesn’t seem to be as severe as yours – and I’ve never quite understood what all the pieces of her puzzle are. This post is very helpful.

  2. I always appreciate you sharing more information about fibro. I know of several people who have it. Just because it’s more of an “invisible” illness (no visible crutches or casts or physical deformity, etc.) doesn’t make it any less REAL.

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