Audio Books

Audio Books

NB: Please note that i have changed the layout of my blog not because i didn’t like the last one, but because the writing was so small even i was having problems reading it and i didn’t want my followers saying ‘oh that’s small! Where’s my glasses? Oh i’ll read it later!’ Because we all know later never happens. This new layout may need some tweaks over the next few days but i will try not to change it completely…honest i’ll try!

Today i want to talk to you about audio books.

My local library have made some audio books available, after registering online. So i can sit at home and think ‘what shall i listen to today?’ And right from my own bed i can click-click and decide and they have lots of lovely titles, classics to modern. So far i have listened to three and i am on with the fourth, but the three are as follows…

you before meMe Before You by Jo Jo Moyes

I have been meaning to read something by Jo Jo Moyes for some time as i have only seen good reviews about her and her writing and i was not disappointed.

Very briefly what it is about; Will Traynor’s motorbike accident has taken away his desire to live and he wants to die. Lou Clark is hired by his mother to keep him company and entertain him for six months and also to try and change his mind. Then Lou falls in love with Will and wants to do all in her power to change his mind, but does she or can she?

Beautifully written, heat wrenching at times because for each of us we never know what’s round the corner in life. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the fact that the audio was read in different voices. It didn’t make me cry but it made me think deeply about life and what is really important. I will definitely be looking out for and reading more Jo Jo Moyes.


Book Two –

vintage girlThe Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

Evie Nicholson loves everything antique, well everything that looks antique anyway and when she is invited to Kettlesheer in Scotland to value the McAndrew family heirlooms she is in her element. It just so happens that she arrives just before the tradition gala with Scottish dancing, which she wants to avoid if she can but then ends up in the middle of it all, and where there are handsome Scottish gents she was always destined to fall in love.

The first words that come into my head are ‘sweet’ and ‘cute’ and not in a bad way. It’s a true love story set against an historic home, heirlooms, day dreams and the guy that you can’t take your eyes off, but belongs to someone else, or does he? I loved this story, i loved the way it was written, i loved the fact that i didn’t have to shut it quickly when something unexpected appeared and loved the fact that i could share it with anyone. It is a girly book though, unless you are a guy that likes a love story set in a castle.


Last but not least –

The-Wilderness-by-Samanth-001The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey

If you haven’t read or listened to this book then you really should and bring along the tissues i cried several times and i am not sure if it was because it was read so beautifully or because of the story line and i would have cried even if i had read the book myself. This is a book i should have read some time ago but other things came along, originally published in 2009.

The story is about Jake and Jake is telling the story when he can remember what the story actually is. Jake has lost his wife and daughter to death and his son is in prison. Jake has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease and is about to lose everything including himself. We go with him. At first he understands what is happening to him, but in time he loses even the ability to name even ‘those bits at the end of his hands’. He feels deeply the past lost of his daughter, Alice and his wife, Ellen and feels like he let his son, Henry down, but in time it is all gone and he doesn’t even remember they existed at all. In the last chapter Jake is being shown an album of photographs but he has no idea who the people are and doesn’t even know who the people are who are showing him the photographs and isn’t sure who he is either or if he should be concerned he doesn’t know and all he wants to do is go home! He is home.

The story takes us backwards into Jake’s life then back to the present and then backwards again and then forwards and each time Jake loses yet another memory or part of himself. The book is narrated by Sean Barrett who is an English actor and for me brings Jake alive making the story more poignant and heart breaking. And i cried lots. My mother in law Rose also has Alzheimer disease and we are lost to her now and she to herself. Beautifully written, brutally honest and heartbreakingly true.



4 thoughts on “Audio Books

  1. These sound very good reads Beverley.. And I am reading one at the moment.. The Island by Victoria Hislop…. I bought it several years ago to read on holiday and never did.. .. Amazing Retirement time is meaning I am making time to read too 😉 …………….. hehe..

  2. “The Wilderness” sounds well written but too terribly sad to read, at least for me right now. (We don’t know if my mother had Alzheimer’s or some other problem, but her memory was failing more and more over the last few years of her life. I’m not ready to be led through that slow collapse again, not yet.)

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