The Trees Know

The Trees Know

Yes they do!

Even though the sun is still shining, most days and i have this need to be outside in the nearby park in the fresh air, the trees know that autumn is on its way. So while i was out the other day i thought i would snap a few shots and introduce you to a new friend of mine.

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Then i stole a few of these from a little chap who was throwing them out of the tree –


– and here is my new friend!


My old friend said he’s vermin and shouldn’t speak to him, but seeing as he sat still long enough for me to get this little shot before he was off again i don’t think he’ll be any trouble, well not to me anyway.

The sun is shining today, there is a slight chill in the air, but really it is a perfect day to go sit on a park bench and failing that at least in your garden.


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