write 31 days challenge

write 31 days challenge

Five-Minute-Free-Writes-button-300x300I am up for a challenge this month or two. Some times i think i may bore you silly πŸ˜‰ and the reason i think this is that i have found that i have lots of followers but not necessarily lots of readers and i get it that not every post is interesting to everyone, but…

This is how it works; Write a post every day for 31 days, without missing any days and then using a permalink link up hereΒ on the write 31 days blog.Β 

Read the information, even i have managed to follow it and that is saying something. Register and you will be sent a link via email, which you need to click, this will take you back to the blog. Then pick a subject and link up your first post to the subject of your choice – i will be writing under Food, Health and WellnessΒ as i will continue to write about Fibromyalgia, etc as i do now.

Also Peggy Sue – Just Me blog added another dimension to her challenge and i like the idea. That is to write on a given subject for 5 minutes and that’s it. This idea came from ‘Heading Home’ blog, which you can link to here as well (if you wish) and this is the list of words as they are at the moment (you can also chose your own if you wish). Now i can write a post but can i write it in 5 minutes and have it make sense too?

Wed. Oct. 1 β€” Day 1 :: Move Β 
Thurs. Oct. 2 β€” Day 2 :: View
Fri. Oct. 3 β€” Day 3 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 2 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 4 β€” Day 4 :: Learn
Sun. Oct. 5 β€” Day 5 :: Stuck
Mon. Oct. 6 β€” Day 6 :: Know
Tues. Oct. 7 β€” Day 7 :: Go
Wed. Oct. 8 β€” Day 8 :: Say
Thurs. Oct. 9 β€” Day 9 :: Join
Fri. Oct. 10 β€” Day 10 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 9 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 11 β€” Day 11 :: Teach
Sun. Oct. 12 β€” Day 12 :: Rest
Mon. Oct. 13 β€” Day 13 :: Work
Tues. Oct. 14 β€” Day 14 :: Away
Wed. Oct. 15 β€” Day 15 :: Life
Thurs. Oct. 16 β€” Day 16 :: Adjust
Fri. Oct. 17 β€” Prompt revealed Oct. 16 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 18 β€” Day 18 :: Taste
Sun. Oct. 19 β€” Day 19 :: Honor
Mon. Oct. 20 β€” Day 20 :: Fear
Tues. Oct. 21 β€” Day 21 :: Second
Wed. Oct. 22 β€” Day 22 :: Guest post (Prompt TBA)
Thurs. Oct. 23 β€” Day 23 :: Look
Fri. Oct. 24 β€” Prompt revealed Oct. 23 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Sat. Oct. 25 β€” Day 25 :: Enjoy
Sun. Oct. 26 β€” Day 26 :: Visit
Mon. Oct. 27 β€” Day 27 :: Free
Tues. Oct. 28 β€” Day 28 :: Wake
Wed. Oct. 29 β€” Day 29 :: Unite
Thurs. Oct. 30 β€” Day 30 :: First
Fri. Oct. 31 β€” Day 31 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 30th at 10pm EST

Are you confused? Good! Why shouldn’t you be confused? I was very confused yesterday and that is why you will get two posts today so by the end of the day you will know just what you are supposed to be doing. You do not need to be as mad as i am and add an extra burden to your challenge and you can just link up with Nester at the write 31 day blog. Have fun and good luck.


11 thoughts on “write 31 days challenge

    1. You are amazing Sue you made me believe i had to find my own way through it all and although our journeys may be different they are very similar too. xxx

      1. πŸ™‚ Thank you… I agree Beverley… each of us have to travel along our own roads to discover our own healing… And I am proud of the road you are choosing to walk.. XXX

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