Day 5 – Stuck

Day 5 – Stuck

There are many times in my life when i have felt stuck, but every single time the one thing that has helped me to become unstuck is my faith is Jesus Christ. Saul changed his whole life after his visitation from Jesus Christ while on the road to Damascus and became Paul one of the greatest missionaries ever. But he had to let go of everything; his job, his life, his friends and even his family and although his life was not perfect he was no longer stuck in the old ways.

Having taught about Paul a number of times over the years i have often pondered what was in his mind or in his heart has he walked that day along that road? Was he questioning the life he was leading and wondering how he could change it? We do not need a physical manifestation of Jesus Christ to allow him to help us to become unstuck on our road to Damascus, we only need to ask and the i know the answers will come.


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