Day 10 – Join

Day 10 – Join

3d-man-readingMany people with Fibromyalgia become isolated as their symptoms often cause them to withdraw from society, from work, from friends and even from family and nobody understands and it’s almost impossible to explain how you feel. Then there are some, like me, that also live alone. Today’s word is ‘Join’ and i have been thinking how this word can apply to those people with Fibro as the one thing we often lack is company.

So here are a few ideas –

  • if you live with others instead of eating on your own, maybe even in bed why not get them to move the meal to the bedroom where you can all eat together.
  • in too much pain and the fatigue to high to go out? then why not invite someone over to watch a film or have a chat and get them to order a take away and clean up.
  • get out on the good days even if it’s only a walk to the nearest park bench and start a conversation with someone, you never know you might make a new friend
  • join a support group in your area
  • join a group that will allow you to develop a hobby or even begin a new one
  • unable to get out and not up to visitors?
    • join an online forum
    • write a blog
    • join an online book group, such as on Goodreads
    • learn how to use and skype and get family and friends to chat too, you don’t need talk for too long

Joining with others who have the same condition as you can help you feel less isolated and hopefully on the really bad days you will even feel supported.


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