Day 16 – Adjust

Day 16 – Adjust

expectationsBeing diagnosed with Fibromyalgia caused me to fall out of my life and adjusting has not been easy at all. There was a period of loss and grief and eventually acceptance of the changes. I spent nearly a year in bed, every day in bed and only forced myself to get out of bed on a Sunday when i went to church. Adjusting to the lack of what appeared to be a life with no purpose and no point and why get up anyway i wasn’t going anywhere is such a hard thing to have to do, especially when no one understands what it is that is wrong with you. Slowly people stopped calling, texting, coming by to see me. I lost my friends from work and attending any church social was out of the question. I felt horrible and giving up completely seemed like a good option. My plan for my life was gone!

Then God gave me a job to do – i served for two years as a family search support missionary, which meant i helped others with their family history. I served from home answering phone calls and emails and there was a period of time when i would train new missionaries. I would serve for up to four hours a day and although it was extremely tiring and left me in pain at times it gave me purpose it also gave time to adjust to the new me. I cannot say that i always like the new me, but in the end it is the only me i now have and although i would love life to be different i know i am in the right place doing the right thing at the right time.


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