Day 22 – Expect

Day 22 – Expect

bethany gradToday is expected to be a guest post. So i asked my daughter Bethany to do me the honour of writing it. Bethany studied Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire and graduated earlier this year and i am very proud of her. I shall let her explain what it is she is writing about.

I was asked to do this post primarily because of my Dissertation, it’s title was ‘The effect of expense on patients choice of coping treatments for chronic pain illnesses with a focus on Fibromyalgia.’

Let me break that down for you because I am quite aware that it is a mouthful (I had to explain this at least 100 times throughout the course of my final year of University). Basically my dissertation circled the issues surrounding free or cheaper treatments as opposed to expensive but possibly more effective treatments (for your information I found that individuals were more likely to choose a cheaper option, who could blame them?).

During my research I found an astounding number of facts surrounding Fibromyalgia that I would never have expected. So I’ve decided to share a few with you –

1. Accepting the illness DOES help. It gives you a more positive reaction to therapy and reduced discomfort.
2. Coping strategies are pieced together to help pain and secondary symptoms. The best treatments use medication and therapy simultaneously,
3. Although medication treatments are more widely studied.
4. Spa trips do actually help pain levels.
5. Fibro patients in the US could pay more than $2000 per year on treatments.
6. In Ireland treatments could cost up to or more than €5,665 (over 3.5x more than in the US, taking into account the exchange rate)
7. In some countries 3 out of 4 Rheumatologists do not believe Fibro is even real.
8. No one really knows what it is or where it comes from,
9. But they do know that it can only occur through biological, psychological and social factors.
10. Scientists and researchers are working everyday to find out what’s going on

11. You’re not alone.


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