Day 24 – Look

Day 24 – Look

jesusLook Without

What do we see in the faces of the people who are around us? What can we do to help others who have needs that are so obvious that all can see them. What do we do when we look into the eyes of a stranger and see the sadness and desperation there, but we do not know them, we cannot ask them? All we can do is pray for God’s grace to lighten their load and carry their burdens at least for the day.

Look Within

What do you see? A tired body, a broken soul, a confused mind? How do we find peace in a world that says ‘we must?’ We must be rich! We must have a big house! We must have a fast car! We must work long hours! We must be better then anyone else! Look within and pray for God’s grace to heal you, to guide you and to bring you comfort the world could never bring.

Look and See

Look and see the person that God wants you to be. Patient! Kind! Loving! Kind! Benevolent! Understanding! Forgiving! Humble! Meek! Perfected in Him and through Him, whole and complete, blessed by His grace, which is sufficient for all mankind.


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