Chakra Threading

Chakra Threading

Chakras44008804Been trying a new type of meditation this week called Chakra Threading. I came across Chakra Threading through an online site belonging to Carol Tuttle. As she has a number of sites i will allow you to find her yourself. However i would like to add that when Carol says it is ‘free’ she means it is ‘free’ and although there are some techniques and information she charges for she will teach you Chakra Threading for free, but i have had to adapt the way in which she teaches it to suit my disability and my inability to continually move my hands as she does.

Firstly a little background on Chakra healing. It has been around for thousands of years. It links the physical body with the spiritual body and then allows us to become grounded in time and space, with all the energy around us- i suppose.

There are seven Chakra’s in the body and beginning from the the bottom up they are; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow (third eye) and Crown.

For this exercise you need to know where each Chakra is located and its colour as each one governs a particular organ within the body –

Root – Tail Bone – Red

Sacral – Lower abdomen – Orange

Solar Plexus – Below the ribs – Yellow

Heart – Heart – Green

Throat – Throat – Blue

Brow or Third Eye – Forehead – Indigo

Crown – Top of head – Purple

Now i have told you all that i want you to forget it! No! Not really, but i do want you to concentrate on where they are situated within the body. It is all you will need to begin this exercise.

Prepare yourself for meditation in whichever position you feel comfortable in. Now concentrate on your breathing until it feels relaxed and even.

Now take your thoughts down to your Root Chakra – if you want you can place the palms of your hands lightly in that area – think energy.

Now imagine yourself Threading or tying a string of energy around the Root Chakra and then bringing the energy up your body the the Sacral Chakra – feel the energy and then move the energy thread up the body to the

Solar Plexus – pause

Heart Chakra – pause

Throat Chakra – Pause

Brow Chakra – pause

Crown Chakra – pause

Now in your mind pull the thread of energy up through your body and out through your Crown Chakra connecting yourself to the universe. Then move down through the Chakra’s and pull the thread of energy out through the Root Chakra connecting yourself to the earth.

I hope from this you have got the idea at least. I shall come back to what each Chakra means at another time. There is one thing i have come to realise in the last few weeks of studying Chakra healing and that is that you cannot heal one Chakra at a time, they all need to healed at the same time. This little exercise, which only takes a few minutes should give you a feeling of well being and connectedness, something we could all do with more of.


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