We are all made of hinges

We are all made of hinges

dancing-skeleton-clipartI have had a quiet week this week and last week too. In fact most of last week i spent in bed while Barbie and Fred fought it out. I think it was a combination of change in medication, change in weather – so much colder – PMS and stress – filling in yet more disability claim forms and stress over some past stuff that i have been working through, but i think i am okay with that now and my house was a mess and it was stressing me too.

In the end i had my daughter come over a clean up some and it cleared the way for me to see through my untidy house. You see people come to stay, to visit and it is good to see them all but when they go there is no magic fairy who comes out and waves her magic wand and cleans the house for me. However the last couple of days have seen me feeling somewhat better and the pills i think (keeping my fingers crossed) are actually helping and not causing too many weird and wonderful side effects that i can see – well not yet!

However today is hinges day!

The children at church sing

“We are all made of Hinges, cos everything bends. From the top of my head right down to my ends. I am in hinges in front and i’m hinges in back and i and have to have hinges or else i would crack. ”

Whereupon they all fall on the floor.

But we really are all made of hinges and the less we use those hinges the stiffer they become and the harder it is make them work and the more pain we are in the less we move those hinges – get it?

Did you know i can see you? You have been awake since 4am after sleeping for three hours. You have just taken your second lot of pills and are laying flat out on your back in bed trying not to move, because moving at all is so painful. However shortly those second lot of pills are going to kick in and you are going to fall asleep for an hour or two and what will wake you? Your body will move! Why can i see you? because i am you! or i was you! and tomorrow i maybe you again!

While we are asleep our bodies will move automatically move as we come out of REM sleep and this normal, however those with chronic pain tend not to move. I know this based on myself. When the pain is really bad or even if i have migraine i find that i will wake up in exactly the same position i went to sleep in. Somehow our bodies have learnt not to move when the pain is extra bad, however i believe that this is what wakes us up several times a night and stops us from getting the deep sleep that we need.

But now you have woken up from your little nap, not feeling much brighter really? – it is time to move those hinges. Now i am not saying that you should jump out of bed and do a jig but you can ‘wiggle your toes’ or ‘curl your fingers in and out’ or ‘rotate your ankles or your wrists’ or ‘flex your elbows and your knees’. Try sitting up and rolling your spine slowly forward one vertebra at a time starting at the neck and then return to a sitting position. Be conscious of the way you sit, is your back and neck supported. Try changing positions when you are woken up during the night rather than staying in the same one all night. Use pillows to stop joints from resting against each other, i find it helps.

And lastly get out of bed and sit on a chair even if it is only for a few minutes at a time.


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