Creating a mantra

Creating a mantra

begratefulI am not really a mantra type of person. Up until my body decided to give up i have been a get up and get on with it type of person. But now i seem to spend much of my time sitting or laying and not doing very much, which is very bad for the soul or spirit depending on what you want to call it. That in turn allows negative thoughts to cumulate within the mind and the mind being very powerful then makes the body believe those thoughts are the true. We can however use positive mantras to change the way our minds are thinking, to quite literally change our thoughts.

So what thoughts is your mind feeding you right now? How about-

  • you are no good
  • it’s all your fault
  • you are lazy
  • you deserve all you get
  • you might as well give up
  • don’t bother

But what if you could change those thoughts the moment they begin!

I believe mantras are very specific to the individual but here are a few of mine that i use to get you thinking –

  • ‘Faith not fear – because you cannot have both’
  • I am safe, i have what i need
  • I am open to the next blessing that the world wants to send me
  • I am enough
  • I am still standing
  • I am loved

Maybe today you need to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH!


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