Things in Things

Things in Things

20131230_184108After spending some time with my Granddaughter Amelia yesterday, who will be two years old on the 4th January, i have come to realise where this need to put things into things actually comes from.

As i watched Amelia yesterday take a small envelope and put ‘things’ in it and when it was full she didn’t empty it and find a bigger container, she put the full envelope into a bigger empty sweet packet and then continued to fill up the empty space. When the sweet packet was full, she went onto an even bigger container a large padded envelope and instead of emptying the sweet packet, she just added it to the bigger container and then continued to fill up the rest of the space. I am sure you are getting the idea!

We need to get past this need to continually fill up containers and when they are full instead of sorting them out, just adding that container to another one and so and so forth.

Just so you know, it is okay for you to only have 3 pairs of jeans you can only wear one pair at once. It is also okay for your sock drawer to hold only a few pairs of socks, mine contains 8 and that is because they come in packs of 4. It is okay to only have one winter scarf, gloves and a hat – honest it is.

Way back when i began blogging some four years or so ago i came across ‘Be More With Less’ blog by Courtney Carver and the 333 Project. You can read about it here, but basically it having only 33 items of clothing, shoes, jewellery for 3 months. I loved the idea then and i still try to follow it now, although with outer clothing i have about 40 items.

So today find the 333 Project, i can guarantee that if you follow it, you will love it.

Also only buy the clothes you need, pass on the things you are finished with because having been penniless and homeless twice in my life i know there are those out there who need what you no longer want.

And stop buying containers to put containers in…!!


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