Confession of a bookaholic!

Confession of a bookaholic!

I keep telling myself that i won’t buy any more books until i have read all the ones on my book case! However there is probably enough books in my house that i haven’t read to last me at least a year, without having to read anything twice.

It is really bad!

I thought i would start in my bedroom, where i hide the books that are not actually here – honest they are not here! They are invisible books! This is what i found –


– the ones on the left as you look at the photo i have read, the ones in the middle are what i shall refer to as reference books and therefore reused – sometimes- and the ones on the right are a few of the ones i have not got to yet. There are also invisible books on my kindle and 28 titles to be read on my Goodreads, at 22 of which i actually already own.

A few years ago i decided to do some calculations, on just how much i spent on books in a three month period. It turned out to be about £50 per month. Now unless you are an incredibly fast reader or you buy very expensive books you would find, as i did that there was never enough month to read that amount of books. Therefore every month i continued to add to the pile of the unread.

I was also spending about £30 a month on magazines.

I no longer buy magazines – at all and i certainly don’t spend as much money on books as i use to, but i have noticed my consumption of such things as risen this year. I have no objection to the buying of books, but right now i have far too many that need to be read that maybe i should give it a break for a while.

At the beginning of the year i did manage to donate about 100 books to charity and there are still a few more that could and will be passed along, most of them novels. It isn’t often that i re-read a novel, it has to be something special for me to re-read it.. I also tend to pass novels forward, usually to charity, more often than other books. So do books count as 1 each or 1 as a group?

However this is what i have been doing so far –

  • sort out wardrobe/drawers


things to go because i haven't worn them for a year and i haven't missed them
things to go because i haven’t worn them for a year and i haven’t missed them – 10 things
...and a little treat - wool blended socks and new tights
…and a little treat – wool blended socks and new tights
  • sort through bedding and towels


I have enough bedding for my bed, but the single bed needs new bedding. Likewise i have enough towels for myself, but any guests who come along need some new ones, including a nice pink one for my granddaughters. Kitchen/dish towels i have more than enough of, but i also need to replace some hand towels. This sorting out is not always about getting rid of, it is sometimes about fulfilling a need. I have added 2 sheets and 2 duvets covers the give away pile.

  • Medication


Although i take cocodamol  regularly there is still about four months supply there. I also found that the newer ones i collected last week would go out of date before some of the older ones, so it is worth checking dates. It was only a couple of weeks ago that i took back a whole bagful of ends of this-that- and the other so sorry i don’t have a photo of that to show you. But last week i also handed back 7 items, which i am counting as 1.

I wanted to show that even though Christmas is just around the corner i really am doing this – and i will count up the books i have added to the pile when i am done.


3 thoughts on “Confession of a bookaholic!

  1. I have a box of books that I need to donate to charity right now. I went through my shelves last year and sorted them out, but still didn’t get them out of the house. 😦 I have too many unread books myself. I keep thinking I’ll read them and then get rid of them, but the truth is I must not want to read them or I already would have. So I need to pass them along to someone who might actually read them. I’m seriously considering taking next year to majorly declutter everything in my house…. You are inspiring me. 🙂

    1. as i am still living in the family house, which is too big for me and has too many stairs the plan is to move to somewhere smaller, probably a lot smaller but i would only be able to take the things i need from the big house if i do that and that is partly why i keep getting rid of things. So it is one cupboard, one drawer or one shelf at a time until they are all empty – or nearly and then i can move 🙂

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