Sorry for the Interlude

Sorry for the Interlude

empty_recycle_binSometimes life just takes over and you have to go with the flow until you get to the other side. With mum being sick enough to have spent 10 days in hospital, and although she is home now, it shocked us all into realising that we never know what is round the corner.

I would like to say that i now have an empty, minimalistic home, but that of course would be a lie, although i have been working along at things as and when i have the time and strength to do so. In doing so i now have a pile of things to go to charity. In fact there are five bags and a large box full of the following –

  • 5 jigsaw puzzles
  • 20 books
  • 2 coats
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 2 duvet covers
  • 2 sheets
  • 2 towels
  • 2 bags of clothes
  • 1 cushion in cover found in a cupboard
  • and i have even called the charity to collect them all

I have also taken

  • 8 finished nativity costumes to church
  • a box of nappies
  • a multi pack of baby wipes
  • i have also deleted or moved to Cloud storage 1247 files or photographs (now i need to sort out the cloud)
  • 109 photographs from my mobile

I am counting this lot at about 65, but there is plenty more to be done.


9 thoughts on “Sorry for the Interlude

  1. So sorry about your mum (and glad she’s well enough now to be home)!

    You’re way ahead of me on organizing digital stuff – I should deal with that one of these days, but the physical (piles and piles of) things need to come first.

    1. It is one thing at a time. It has taken me about 2 years but finally i am seeing really space. The plan for the future is to sell the family house, which i no longer need and live in a much, much smaller place.

  2. well done. truly well done in the midst of everything else. Glad to hear your mum is back home and on the mend. These times are an opportunity to remember how fleeting our days truly are . And how little most of what bothers us will be in the end.

  3. Beverley, I hope your Mum is now recovering and hope she gains her strength back for Christmas…. And well done you .. Its great to recycle and you put me to shame.. When I get Hubby to climb into the loft.. The charities will think its Christmas.. I have I know Lots of things stored up there I no longer need or use and can pass along..
    Hubby has been directing his energies on clearing out his garage.. A mammoth task LOL.. IF your think a squirrel hoards, you have to visit his garage 🙂 But that has had a dint made in it.. So in the Spring the attic is next.. 🙂

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend .. Keep warm,
    Blessings your way

    1. To say that my attic is actually bedrooms it is has amazed me how much stuff we have, as a family, been able to pack into this house, but it all has to go, including the house. Time for something smaller.

      Mum is rarely sick so when she went from sick to extremely sick very quickly it shocked us all, but i can tell she’s better she is back giving orders 😀 thankfully.

      Have a great weekend Sue. I am hoping for a quiet one xxx

      1. Arrh dishing out orders is always a Good Sign Beverley 🙂 So good to know your Mum is feeling better.. 🙂 You too.. Enjoy the Peace xxx

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