More Confessions

More Confessions

I confess that i am a choc-a-holic, a book-a-holic and a wool-a-holic!

Here is a photo of my neatly arranged wool store –


– actually it’s not! I lied! (but they are very pretty colours) In fact i cannot show you my wool store as there is some downstairs, some upstairs, some in one bag and some in another and the basket i bought to store it all in is full of all sorts of things, but wool.

I am confessing before the fact in the hope that it will get me motivated enough to gather it all up and sort it out and get rid of all the bits that are really not worth keeping – but…when you finally manage to buy the perfect shade or the perfect wool do you really want to knit it up into a beautiful something and then give it away? That was the plan – but…maybe i will start tomorrow after i have had a look for something to replace it with.

If you are a crafty type of person what do you do with your supplies? I have friend who had a bedroom converted into a craft room!


6 thoughts on “More Confessions

  1. Mine are all in a bag in the bottom of my wardrobe.. 🙂 And yes I normally give away LOL.. but this Christmas I am knitting now for ME!.. On my last sleeve today 🙂

  2. I’m longing for my own nest again so I can have a craft room…or a craft area. I have so many ideas and I long to create..something I haven’t done for too many years. For now I am knitting a sweater…oh so slowly.

    1. I have decided that once the knitting frenzy for Christmas is over i am going to knit myself something, which is not something i have done for a long long time.

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