Have you noticed how rubbish just accumulates? Or maybe i should say clutter? Or maybe it should be stuff? Well today i want you to take a rubbish bin or just a rubbish bag or empty carrier bag and i want you to do a quick sweep of your house or even part of your house and collect all those bits and bobs you were going to put in the bin, but didn’t quite get there. You know the empty envelopes, the ends of the wrapping paper, the empty loo rolls, that chocolate wrapper, the empty shampoo bottle still sitting on the side of the tub and bin them or is that trash them.


However your work is not done until the bag is tied and out in the bin – sorry I’m English – trash can outside. If you want to recycle then go ahead but do it on the go and quick. In five minutes i picked and binned 30 bits and bobs of stuff!

Full BAG
Full BAG

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