Demons Oppose

Demons Oppose

720-blue-tit-IMG_8936We seem to spend our lives planning this and doing that and yet in the end we have no control over the big things, they just happen. No one as been to my blog over the last few days, i know when you call the statistics tell me, but that is okay i know you are busy following the dance of this crazy world, where money is king and the poor are invisible.

But today i write to those who are beset by problems and trials and heartaches and tears. I send you the word of God and his peace as he recently sent it to me and continues to emphasize that he is there, that he is watching and he is aware of what is going on in our lives.

After crying for two days over the house He brought me peace as he sent friends to my door with a message that peace does not come in this crazy world but in the quiet moments of solitude. As my friends shared this message of peace i happened to look up and at my window was a tiny blue tit, it flitted to the nearby tree before leaving, but made me stop and wonder just for a moment why then? Later as i took out the rubbish the city hall clock was ringing out a Christmas song and i knew there was more than this building of bricks and mortar.

Today’s message is this – …his arm is sufficient tho’ demons oppose… and it is so true! I know it with all my heart and soul.

In this world of craziness life happens – my mother continues to improve slowly, my son-in-law has been sick for two weeks with this cold/chest infection, his daughter is now sick with it, my other granddaughter is finally recovered but refuses to eat, my dad is losing his sight and a long time friend’s father has been taking into hospital as he battles with cancer – is this the day God calls him home? Life happens for all our planning life happens.

3 thoughts on “Demons Oppose

  1. So many sad things swirling around. Yes, life happens no matter what. So thankful for those little graces that God sends in between the cracks. Merry Christmas to you and your family–may the Lord bring health and peace to all.

  2. Beverley so sorry that everything is happening at once within your world.. But pleased you are seeing the moments of Peace to reflect upon.. So many are ill with this virus.. My own Son and family have come down with it.. I hope your Mum continues to improve.. and as I reading backwards I hope I will be enlightened as to the house..
    Sending you Love.. You have not been forgotten..

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