Choices for 2015

Choices for 2015

google.com_.LeanGoal2Life is all about choice! Every moment of every day we makes choices. Some of the choices are good and move us along our journey but some are not. In the past i have made choices that have left me feeling like i am in a rowing boat, in the middle of a lake, with no oars and feeling that nothing is right with the world. However the truth often is that there are many things right with world but i am not taking advantage of them because of the choices i am making.

I have thought about setting goals this year and in a way i am, but i want those goals to have fluidity to them; i want them to change as i continue on my journey. For life really is a journey. Sometimes it is over ragged rocks and other times through gentle rolling plains, sometimes we stand at a cliff’s edge and at other times we soak our feet in the gentle waves of the sea. But whatever our journey brings to us it is our choice alone to make what we do next and which way we go and no one else’s.

I will continue my journey by Living a Life of Purpose

  • by making wise choices and being accountable for those choices.
  • by allowing the Holy Ghost to direct my path 
    • through daily verbal and heart felt prayers
    • through continuing to ‘Write Jesus in my Heart’ through reading the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon daily.
    • through taking time to listen to the directions given through the Holy Ghost
    • through regular temple attendance
    • daily meditation
      • creating a sacred space with my home
  • by creating a daily routine
    • beginning with a morning routine
      • meditation
      • prayer
      • scripture study
      • eating a proper breakfast 
      • taking a walk 
      • reading
      • drinking water
  • by reading with passion and for understanding
    • reading mindfully one book at time
    • reading for learning
      • (beginning with) To Hell and Back – Personal Experiences of Trauma and How we Recover and Move on
      • Women Who Run With Wolves
      • The Obesity Paradox
      • (and) Eat, Move, Sleep
    • reading novels for pleasure
  •  by Eating to live and not living to eat
    • drink more water
    • eat more fruit
    • eat a proper breakfast 
    • (this one will evolve as the year goes on possible the 333 of food???)
  • by being financially secure
    • it is not about how much money you have, but what you do with it
    • moving to a tiny home
    • setting a budget
    • paying honest tithes and offerings
    • creating a savings account and adding to it regularly
  • by making time for things that i love
    • family
    • friends
    • books
    • cooking
    • being outside
    • photography
    • knitting (and giving it away)
    • sewing
    • family history 
    • (to name a few things)

Just last Sunday a husband and wife, Tom and Becca spoke in church and they spoke about setting goals for the new year and some ideas on how to achieve those goals. Being surrounded by two granddaughters it is not always easy to listen to what is being said, but Becca said this ‘she found that when she wrote her goals down, that even though she may forget about them, when she came across the list again she found she had accomplished the goals anyway’ and Tom, said this ‘that we should take our goals to Heavenly Father in prayer and allow him to help us’ and something like, ‘we may find that we achieve far more then we first thought we could’ (probably very badly quoted, but i am sure they will not mind.)

This year is going to start with a big change and big move, but then i am hoping to be able to regain my footing and some stability too. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2015 x

6 thoughts on “Choices for 2015

  1. Dear Beverley.. I know what ever obstacles are thrown your way.. I know you will choose not to let them get you down.. I know you face some difficult struggles ahead of you this year.. But I also know that ultimately the storms will subside and the rainbows will shine.. and all will become calm within your world..
    Here’s to your goals and correct choices my friend..
    Happy New Year.. May 2015 bring you an abundance of blessings to help you in what ever you need.. May it be provided..
    Love to you..
    Sue x

    1. Those obstacles are already flying through the air at me, but i know in my heart i am doing the right thing and in a short while the air will be clearer and the way less darkened. xxx

      1. Beverley I am so pleased you are able to view these events this way.. I think when you allow and go with the flow rather than fighting and resisting it.. Things will fall into place more smoothly for your future settlement.. Much love always xx Sue

  2. Such a great list of goals, Beverley. I appreciate you sharing them. With a little personalization here and there, most of us would be wise to make many similar choices.

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