Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga

woman-beginning-sun-salutation-on-whiteThere was a time when even if i was up at 5am to go to work i would always sit in meditation for 15 minutes and then do a complete salute to the sun even before i got dressed. I found that this allowed my physical presence to connect to my spiritual being and would set me up for the day. As my meditation practise is now established as part of my daily morning routine it is now time to add yoga.

For those who want to know what the Salute to the Sun looks like, this video from Youtube is one of the best i have seen, however my practise was never as fluid or as fast as this lady but it demonstrates what can be done.

However i have also come across this person and i like her idea of going from a meditation pose into gentle yoga poses and i plan to follow this one. However the plan is always to start slow and i am aiming to do the first stretch only until it feels okay to go on to the next stretch and so on. I will also add this one stretch on to my daily meditation practise once to twice a week.

Exercise is not about running a marathon, unless you can already do that, it is about doing something rather than doing nothing at all.


6 thoughts on “Meditation and Yoga

  1. I’m so glad your blog was attached this time when you liked my post…I’d lost it, but now I’m subscribed, yay! I’ve started meditating and it’s been good for me. I want to try yoga, but I’ve concerned myself about my body not being flexible and my lack of rhythm. I’m wondering if it will help with the fibro pain.

    1. I glad you have found me again, i wonder why you lost me? Might be because i changed the name, but i didn’t start a new blog???
      I have found that meditation allows me to sleep better, but as you know the fibro can make everything stiff so i am hoping that the yoga will give me some more flexibility. But remember slow, slow slow…

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