Book Review – The Memory Book

Book Review – The Memory Book

thememorybookrowancolemanThe Memory Book by Rowan Coleman; 2014; Ebury Press.(Spoilers, don’t read if you want to read the book)

“Wonderfully Uplifting” Lisa Jewell.

I am not sure if this book is as Lisa Jewell says, or if it is just – beautifully sad?

Claire has a baby when she is 20 years old and calls her Caitlin, but she knows that her relationship with Caitlin’s father isn’t the forever kind and doesn’t tell him of his impending fatherhood. Claire as the baby, finishes her education and becomes a teacher and the subject of Caitlin’s father is never mention, because it never seems to need to be, until one day there is!

Claire spends her life bringing up Caitlin, working at a job she loves and living life to the full. When she is in her late 30’s she finally finds the man of her dreams, her knight in shining armour, Greg! And thankfully she is his Princess who needs to be rescued and love blossoms. Within a few short weeks they know that this is love they have both been waiting for and soon Claire finds out she is pregnant, but this time she is not afraid to tell Greg the news. After baby Esther arrives they marry and life seems perfect.

But into every perfect life there comes a dark cloud, one that cannot be dismissed or avoided and it was the same for Claire, Greg and their little family. At the age of 40 (ish, i am saying ish i am a little bewildered as to how old Claire actually is but i think 40 appears to be right.) Claire is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately for them all it is the fast moving kind and Claire begins to lose her life. She also begins to lose Greg to the point she becomes frightened of this stranger in her home. Then one day Greg brings home a book for the whole family to write their memories in to help them all remember and although Claire scribbles away day after day she doesn’t always remember who the people are around her or where she is or even who she is.

But then something happens, but i cannot tell you that bit, that’s the bit you will have to read for yourself, but love conquer all, because even what the mind forgets, the heart does not.

This book made me cry at times and gasp at others and in the end smile, that kind of wistful smile of knowing things will work out, somehow, someday.



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