Try It!

Try It!

Sorry been a little quiet for a few days. Been thinking!. Anyone who knows me personally will know that me ‘thinking’ usually means some deep thought is emerging and needs time to grow and become, it is still becoming, but this is where it has got to.

This is how it began –

Someone on the Fibromyalgia forum was asking what else could they do to help them sleep, as they had tried every pill offered and still couldn’t sleep. So i suggested evening relaxation and meditation and that i have been teaching it on my blog. The person then came to my blog and did some reading and came back with ‘i don’t do all that spiritual stuff (no offence and no offence taken) but i am going to a meditation class tomorrow’. And it got me wondering.

My spiritual stuff tend to be like gentle waves on a beach – one rolls in and as that one rolls out then another one rolls in and so on and so forth, so they run into, over, around and through each other. Here are some of my waves, but remember this is a work in progress –

  • Wave one – I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that he is the son of a Heavenly Father. I believe through him my sins are forgiven and i can receive eternal life. I have always been told about Jesus, but found him for myself when i was 14 years old.
  • Wave two – I believe i am a physical and spiritual being.
  • Wave three – I believe everything in this world contains energy, from a rock to a tree to a human being.
  • Wave four– I believe that this energy connects all things.
  • Wave five – I am a scientist.
  • Wave six – I believe that my body is in pain because my inner energy isn’t working (many call this Chi)
  • Wave seven – I believe meditation helps me connect my physical self to my inner spiritual self and will in time show me where the Chi is broken, damaged. I believe everyone should practise daily.
  • Wave eight – I am not a Buddhist, but i do believe that many of their teachings are in line with the teachings of Christ.
  • Wave nine – I believe meditation is a way we can help ourselves heal, but we need to be open to our own power to do so. We need to have faith in ourselves.
  • Wave ten – We can use Mindfulness in all situations, even when we are chaotically busy.
  • Wave eleven – Medical physicians have been given the knowledge to help us get better when we are sick and we should take full use of them when we need too.
  • Wave twelve – I believe the answer to the world’s problems lies in one word CHARITY, the pure love of Christ, but until we are ready to be charitable to all men at least we should be kind to those around us that we know well.
  • I did not know how long this list would be, in fact i did not even know it would be a list, but it is. In my meditation the last few days i have seen the sea and a beach where gentle waves roll in. What i teach is for everyone, but it will only be of help to you when you are ready to Try It!

11 thoughts on “Try It!

  1. Beverley…. I enjoyed each new wave that rolled onto the shore dear friend.. and I sat and embraced each one as their energy washed over me.. Wonderful… 🙂 ❤ May we all remember we are all part of the Ocean of Oneness .. Love and Light your way.. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I love your list. We have so many things in common.

    I also agree with your take on Buddhism. I studied it a little this past year because of my increasing interest in meditation, and while I don’t consider myself a Buddhist either, I also found many Christian teachings in there. I’m trying to meditate at least 5 times a week. I believe it is helping me sleep a little better at night, although I’m not doing it specifically for that.

    1. I too studied Buddhism some years ago, maybe, and the teachings have stayed with me so they can’t be any badness there. I have meditated for years, originally for relaxation, but now more so for healing. It is recommended 15 minutes a day or even twice a day. I find it untangles me in the mornings and relaxes me in the evenings.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Reblogged this on SeasonedSistah2 and commented:
    Thanks to Beverly of for sharing this post. Since I began practicing meditation and mindfulness, my Christian values have been questioned by some. My response is always no. But, this post gives me better options.

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